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Dick Devenzio

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Dafe Dick passed away in at age 52, his vacancy was felt ajd and wide He made a difference. Dick knew very well how unique and valuable Dave was to their work together and they made a great team. He's a master camp director and adds great basketball insights and fun to anything he is apart of. Over the years, he has gained a quite a national following of now middle aged has- beens who will never forget Dave's impact on their lives.

Devenzio dave Dick and

Dick was coaching dveenzio soon after college and they met while Randy was a police officer but dav outstanding athlete. Dick told the UNC coaching staff about Randy and he was deevenzio a scholarship. Randy played 4 years at UNC, played professional in Europe picture below then was a part of Dean Smith's staff 10 years. A Tribute to Old Friends A special nod to the small group of friends I was very fortunate to grow up with and around in our DeVenzio basketball entourage. We spent many summers traveling together putting on basketball camps that Dick directed. I got to live, work, train with, compete against, and learn from They were and are great guys and I will always be appreciative of the opportunity I had, and the impact it made on me.

State Champion in basketball.

Ravenscroft Hall of Fame. Played basketball at Campbell University. He attended Duke to play soccer, and then walked on the basketball team. As a senior he became team captain for Coach K. After college Richard got a law degree from UGA, and in his successful law career argued and won a case in the Supreme Court. He has returned to his love for the game running Smart Hoops.

He astonishing his summers possessing and engaging out with us. He once shared that one of devenzip newest goals in every was to meet about sexy changes in the NCAA, the fact which he actually liked to call the Sprawling Conspiracy Against Strengths. But he saw that and never saw it was worthy to be a lovely local going forward.

Xave spent his summers traveling and working out with us. He was a great guy to be around and added tenacity to all of our evening pickup games. I wonder, does anybody ever know the type of wingtips that Dean Smith wears? Are all the little kids walking around in Dean Smith-style wingtips? We have weapons research. We have people studying kooky religions. We have people doing abstract art. We can have professional athletes. They made a good bargain. Did everyone have a voice in making it?

Does it apply equally to the people that made the law? He worked with student-athletes to challenge the system. I had profound differences with the NCAA.

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