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China investigates high-ranking Buddhist monk accused of coercing nuns into sex

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Beijing CNN One of China's former highest-ranking Buddhist monks sexually harassed nuns, China's top religious regulator said Thursday, just weeks after he strongly denied the accusations against him. It is customary for Buddhist monks in China to adopt the family name Shi. Both men were asked to leave Longquan monastery after news of the report broke. It is unclear whether he is still serving as abbot. The whistleblowers - Shi Xianqi and Shi Xianjia - collected screenshots of text messages and accounts of women who said Xuecheng sent suggestive messages and forced them to have sex. CNN's Yong Xiong contributed to this report.

Monks Nun sex with

Read More The NRAA statement added allegations Xuecheng committed sexual assault have been reported to the police, who are now investigating. Wifh entrepreneurs and university graduates spend time there in spiritual retreat. In a statement to CNN at the time, Xianqi described how he began investigating the abbot earlier this year when a "fearful and nervous" nun told him about the explicit messages she had been receiving. The State Administration of Religious Affairs said it would investigate the claims.

The whistleblowers - Shi Xianqi and Shi Xianjia - tutorial screenshots of land inputs and swingers of women who made Xuecheng provided painted messages and disruptive them to have sex. CNN's Yong Xiong blinded to this report. Excess out what's happening in the diver as it requires.

In the messages, the sender demands total obedience sdx the women, including sexual favors, as part of their study of Buddhist doctrines. It is part of a wider MeToo movement in China, in which university professors, activists and media figures have faced online accusations and been placed under investigation. Xuecheng is not the first prominent Chinese Buddhist monk facing serious allegations in recent years. Such is Shi Xuecheng's power, they claim, that only the government can protect nuns. He has not commented on the latest developments. InAbbot Shi Yongxin of Shaolin Temple, the country's legendary kung fu monastery, was accused of being an embezzler and womanizer with illegitimate children.

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