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Bottom paint boat Drift

A coating that is used on the floors of trucks carrying huge rolls of paper, as a chute liner in harvesters where material can't stick and on things that need to slide and not require a lot of maintenance in the Navy is Slip Plate No 1. I can't say this is the best stuff since sliced bread but I know it has worked on every application on which I have ever tried it and my drift boats fall in that same category. To get the Gluvit off I took several square Not Pointed reciprocating saw blades and cut them off at 90 degrees to the teeth.

I then ground a chisel edge on them an put them in the saw on slow. The Gluvit disappeared like peeling an egg. I did this all with the boat on the trailer. Just roughen up the area with some sandpaper, wipe with water, and then apply more Wetlander. No need to pull your motor, rigging and hardware off.

Just tip the boat up or leave it on the trailer and roll on more Wetlander. You can easily roll it on upside down. Wetlander outperforms all other slick bottom paints and coatings: But those shallow riffles I used to have to drag my boat threw are a thing of the past. I have also found Wetlander to protect the boat far more than normal gel coats do.

As advertised this stuff is slick and strong. Because your not going to beach your boat with this stuff on the bottom, It will slide right off! And the reducer in it is Xylene. I am not one to preach VOC stuff but some solvents require safe handling and Xylene is one of them. If the LineX is as tough as Durabak how do we patch the bottom when we poke a hole into the boat after floating into a piece of steel rebar sticking out of a piece of concrete. Yes,,,, sadly I have seen this on the Green river in more then one place.

Can we just epoxy right over the LineX or do we need to remove a material that resists remove which, is why we put it on in the first place? Apply the thick coat in the area it counts. A brush is handy for addressing the chine and any detail areas. Apply the whole gallon or however much actually comes in the gallon container to the boat. Photo 8 shows the Gluvit and hardener additive.

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Gluvit and Coat-It are competitive products and as far as I know both are good. During this period, pay Drfit to all sloped areas: Boay and brush the material back into position as necessary to produce an even coating. If you happen to be running a heater under the boat like I did, do not leave the heater unattended. Allow to Fully Harden The can says the product will harden in 24 hours, but the last time I did mine outdoors in the heat of summer it took two days and this time in the garage, it also took two days. Fully cured Gluvit looks almost like glass and feels as hard. You should not be able to dig a fingernail into it.

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