Adult nursing course

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Nursing (Adult Nursing)

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All information will be treated in confidence and only taken into account when absolutely necessary. Selection Event If you are shortlisted, you will be invited to a selection event where you will undertake a group activity and individual interview.

Course Adult nursing

On successful completion of all of these criteria, you will be offered a place. We nursinb applications from all those interested in nursing or midwifery. Nursing and Midwifery are both physically and emotionally demanding professions and UWE Bristol positively implements the principles of the Equality Act As a student on a nursing course, you will be expected to engage Aduly the full range of clinical duties whilst on placement, which constitutes half of the course. You must be mindful of the requirement in the NMC code of Practicewhich states that registered nurses must maintain the level of health needed to carry out our professional role.

Offers of places are subject to occupational health clearance and you will be expected to disclose pre-existing and historical health conditions. If you are on a professional course, you should meet specific requirements related to the need to demonstrate certain knowledge, skills and competencies. These are required by professional, statutory or regulatory bodies and cannot be compromised. In considering Reasonable Adjustments, these will be taken into account when agreeing what adjustments are possible. It is vital to check the individual entry requirements of the universities you plan to apply to as they can vary. You can use our Course finder to find out which universities run approved clinical courses.

The university websites provide detailed entry requirements, and you can always phone admissions departments for more information.

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Various qualifications may be accepted as alternative qualifications to A levels. In some cases it is possible to combine academic qualifications with vocational qualifications. For example, you might have an A level and a BTEC qualification and this combination may be accepted by universities, depending on the subjects and grades. The taught elements of this course can be delivered at both the Bangor and Wrexham Archimedes Centre campuses so students can choose which location they wish to apply for. Unfortunately as this course is funded by the NHS and students have to have placements in the local NHS Health Board we are unable to accept applications from overseas Non EU students with the exception of Canadian students who can apply through Barclays Educational Services.

Why choose Bangor University for this course? Students can choose which location they wish to apply for. Visit our Why Study with us? Closely-supervised placements enable observation of professionals at work and participation in delivery of nursing care starting early in the course. Support is available from a personal tutor who is a registered nurse and an academic member of staff and mentorship supervision from a practicing registered nurse on placement. Theoretical and practical work is assessed through assignments, examinations, presentations and the All-Wales Assessment of Clinical Practice portfolio. In second and third years, students will normally undertake a period of night duty.

Travel Students are responsible for all travel costs to attend any University Campus for curse. You can choose which campus to apply for if you wish to study Adult Nursing. The selection process and course at both campuses are identical. Accommodation Nursing students choosing the Dundee Campus are able to apply for university residences in Dundee alongside other University of Dundee students.

Find our more information about our residences in Dundee. Applications are made after applicants have firmly accepted an offer. More information about the NHS accommodation will be sent out to applicants once they have firmly accepted our offer. During periods of practice placement students will be required to commute.

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