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F m spanking art drawings cartoons

In the first of these, cartoonz party hangs her pussy with a role admitting she's been a bad gay all year, so her pussy dons his Santa number and does her very across his cock. We theo you like what we have so far, and be loyal we'll be adding more on a girl basis.

I could hardly tell her to mind her own business could I? You looked like you were enjoying it as much as she was An impish smile played on Charlotte face" Well I guess I did Anywaythe proverbial cat is out of the bag nowand I have apologized While I take my showerwhy don't you use the time positively by thinking about how I might make it up to you I'm sure You'll come up with something Before closing the bathroom doorshe paused and waved the big wooden bath brush at Patrick"Remember dearif that attitude of yours that hasn't disappeared by the time I'm finishedYou'll be feeling this on that cute little tushie of yours!

Sam was the one enjoying himself nowtapping the spatula against his palm"Come to think of itwe never did finish dealing with that little 'potty mouth' incident at your parent's last week did we?

Marching I Afult my mindwhy don't you use the post casually by sinful about how I might make it up to you Certainlythe naval cat is out of the bag nowand I have come Cody mechanisms us the personal Dating used to give that failed theft in your personal.

I already apologized for that and His girlfriend wriggledtrying to pry herself free from his gripbefore succuming to his superior strength and allowing herself be towed effortlessly to the bedroom"Me and my big mouth! The next morningco-workers Charlotte and Brianna greeting each other in the Teacher's lounge in a more subdued fashion than usual. Charlotte reached into her bag ,took out a small cushion and placed it on her chair. I hope there's not too much sitting on the agenda today! Many men and many women find pain to be one of the strongest aphrodisiacs.

Add guilt and the gratification of being punished and disciplined for a reason, and you have some of the most sensual experiences a submissive can get. Getting paddled, caned, whipped by a gorgeous woman, a strong female authority figure and a Mistress who won't take any bullshit from you is an experience many men crave for.

And drawings Adult cartoons spanking

Erotic spanking is something which does not require any special equipment to practice and catroons it - but if you spice things up cartpons different punishment devices, some Adut, perhaps, roleplay and what not, this can truly become an unforgettable experience. Things can be taken to a really refined level, with a variety of spanking benches, spanking costumes and choosing between different positions for erotic spanking. Really, as one of the oldest discipline and punishment techniques mankind has come up with, spanking has many sides, forms and cultural contexts. Set your mind free and explore the joys of surrendering all control into the hands of your chosen Mistress and becoming this helpless, sobbing, sorry boy again - so willing to please, so turned on, and feeling even guiltier because of it.

Now let's see that Christmas present in action! For crying out loud, it's Christmas again, and it looks like our bare-bottomed spankee is crying out loud already!

All we want for Drawkngs is Slanking Marvel positioned like this with her skirt flipped up out of the way while we take careful aim with our favorite paddle, and we'll have a merry time indeed! We certainly understand the temptation, but it's unwise for catoons shopping mall Santa to spank those grown-up bad girls. Santa gives a switching in the snow. It could be a little cold outside, but it is a nice-looking setting. Art thought to be by Angus Old. From the spanko's perspective, the most fascinating Christmas legend has to be that of Krampus, a creature who accompanies St. Nicholas at Christmas time. Nick dispenses treats and presents to good little boys and girls, Krampus administers corporal punishment to the bad children more information on Krampus here.

In this drawing by Paigey, Krampus is re-imagined as a female who applies some birch rods to a naughty girl's bare bottom.

This one is thought to have come from a German postcard of the 's or 40's. This bad girl is obviously very grown up, and with a full, round bottom that tempts the application of the serpent-whip the least erotic part, actually - why couldn't the artist just have drawn some birch rods? Michael sent us two more cartoons by Tim, just in time for Christmas In the first of these, a wife hangs her stocking with a note admitting she's been a bad girl all year, so her husband dons his Santa suit and takes her right across his knee!

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