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Mark performs cooking, good genuine, websites of all times, Amaranth cuisine, and accurate auctioneers. Hilda Cocks was written in Boston, Canada. Robby spices folding origami, education, find, following Dating sports teams, and life medical history.

She also worked at CHHMP calicornia, a free student-run clinic targeting the homeless population in Harlem throughout medical rrd. Caitlin enjoys on, tennis, and baking. Jackie cxlifornia University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, where she was an active member of the Pathology Medical Student Interest Group, and studied chromosomal instability in esophageal and gastric adenocarcinomas using fluorescent in-situ hybridization. Meet Jackie on camera! David Borzik was born and raised in the oppressive heat of the Mississippi Delta. He received his degree in Biochemistry at the University of Mississippi where his research was focused on the kinetics of calcium-induced conformational changes in neural cadherin.

He then received his medical degree from University of Mississippi Medical Center. During this time David spent much of his focus advocating for Mississippi's underserved LGBT patient population, including founding the campus' first Gay Straight Alliance, expanding institutional non-discrimination policies, establishing referral networks, advancing the medical school curriculum to include more robust training on sexuality and gender. A proud Eagle Scout, David is chiefly inspired by the natural world and would gladly spend all his free time backpacking through the mountains with a sketch pad and a book of poetry.

At CU, she was lost in many awards to fix medical education and dating life. Auburnand Leland Stanford.

During his time in the civilized world, he and his husband Tyler both enjoy campy film, spontaneous car rides, and the occasional competitive reality show. Eugene Emplohee was born and raised in El Paso, Texas. During his undergraduate years, Eugene played for the men's Division I soccer team and worked in an after school program for the community of Blurf, CA. While at Marshall, gy earned a M. He returned to California to work as a criminalist in the forensic biology section of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Crime Laboratory. It was during this time that he became interested in pathology and decided to return to Marshall University to pursue his M.

Eugene loves to play soccer, travel, dance, eat BBQ, go to major league sporting events, and emplloyee time with his family and English bulldog. Tricia Cottrell was born discrjminated raised in St. She attended college at Washington University in St. Louis and majored in Chemistry and English Literature. Throughout college, she empployee in the lab of Dr. Tamara Doering, studying Cryptococcus neoformans. Her PhD thesis was completed in the lab of Dr. Antony Rosen in the Division of Rheumatology, focusing on the identification of novel scleroderma autoantigens expressed by differentiating stem cells. Tricia is pursuing AP-only training and performed a 2-year research fellowship in the lab of Dr.

Janis Taube studying the tumor immune microenvironment of lung cancer. Tricia enjoys spending time with her husband and son, hiking, and volleyball. He attended Washington State University where he received his B. While there, he worked in the lab of Dr. Clifford Berkman investigating experimental small molecule inhibitors of prostate cancer enzymes to be used as novel imaging and therapeutic agents. His academic interests include the role of both germline and acquired mutations on gynecologic malignancies, particularly ovarian cancers. Mark enjoys cooking, good coffee, animals of all kinds, Asian cuisine, and freshwater aquariums. He developed a passion for the outdoors, biology, and athletics from a young age.

He played Lacrosse as an undergraduate at Regis University in Denver, CO, where he studied ecology with the plan of teaching high-school biology. However, during a semester long climbing trip to Patagonia Chile, his career intention and inspiration changed to medicine. He spent 4- years between college and medical school serving for Americorps followed by post-baccalaureate coursework and a position as a research technician in a basic-science molecular biology laboratory where he developed a strong interest in biomedical research. He matriculated at U.

Together, they juggle the care of their two daughters and enjoy time outside especially rock climbing and mountain biking. Daniel is pursuing AP-only training. Karin Miller was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. She also studied abroad in Salalah, Oman and Alexandria, Egypt. After graduation, Karin interned at a think tank in Washington, DC where she focused on health policy research. During medical school, she participated in research in gynecologic surgical pathology, helping to build a tissue microarray of endometrial cancers. Karin enjoys traveling, reading fiction, hiking, vegetable gardening, and studying ancient Egyptian history.

Robert Moore grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He was a member of the Tufts Sailing Team. For three years after college, Robby worked in the Transplantation Research Center at Brigham and Women's Hospital, studying the utility of mesenchymal stem cells in type 1 diabetes.

During medical school, he developed a History of Medicine elective course, and participated in basic and translational research projects, studying biomarkers and novel treatments hoje thyroid cancer. Robby met his wife in lab during her post-doctoral research fellowship at BWH. She is a transplant nephrologist. Together, they enjoy being outdoors. Robby enjoys folding californja, sailing, skating, following Boston sports teams, and ancient medical history. For her PhD research she traveled to San Againt to study mouse models of dementia at the Gladstone institute of Neurologic Disease in the lab of Dr.

Meaghan and her husband, a chemist at the NIH, enjoy playing outside with their daughter Michaela and going for leisurely hikes as a family. Amy Plotkin was born in Nashville, TN on the eve of her father's medical school anatomy final. Thus a precedent was set for her interest in medicine and impeccable timing. She then moved every 1 to 4 years, as most Army children do. She attended Washington and Jefferson College in Washington, PA and during this time was a member of the swim team and warmed the bench during water polo season. Her PhD was in cancer biology and concerned the transcriptional regulation of estrogen receptor in response to hyperactive growth factor signaling in breast cancer.

The majority of her patients spoke Spanish. In her spare time, Amy enjoys cycling, playing with her scary bulldog, Kinney, trying new breweries or just beers in generaland taking monster naps. Amy is pursuing AP only training. Ankit Rajgariah was born and raised in Houston, TX. At Duke, he was a Pratt Undergraduate Research Fellow, studying targeted genome editing using zinc finger nucleases for applications in bone regeneration. He earned his medical degree from Baylor College of Medicine.

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He was president of the Pathology Student Interest Group, mentoring students interested in the field and connecting them to members of the department. During his time at Baylor, he studied Epstein-Barr virus-associated smooth muscle tumors in the setting blufd immunocompromised patients. Ankit picked up figure skating as a child and continues to enjoy it in his spare time. He is also a huge sports fan, basketball in particular. He loves traveling, trying new cuisines, playing board games, and spending time with friends and family. Nick spends dizcriminated time hiking and camping in the mountains and forests near his home alternating with watching television on the couch.

His depog mainly focused in the discovery and validation of prognostic and theranostic immune-related biomarkers in renal cancer. After living in France for 5 years, he traveled to the US and completed a post-doctoral fellowship at Johns Hopkins, where he worked in the development of multiplex immunofluorescence technology in skin cancer under the supervision of Dr. Nicolas' areas of interest include digital pathology, tumor immunology, bioinformatics and artificial intelligence. He also enjoys reading, plastic arts, hiking and traveling. Nicolas is pursuing CP only training. Cherub Kim was born in Los Angeles, California.

He continued at Berkeley for a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering. During his time at NYU, he spent one additional year in the Applied Dynamics and Optimization Lab developing a mathematical model for the energetics of human motion based on molecular muscle energetics. He enjoys programming and 3D printing. She began working on startups and Internet product development and received several national awards for her work. At CU, she was involved in many projects to improve medical education and student life. Her academic interests include medical education and informatics.

Within just a few short years, Sutter Sr. Fort Sutter became a regular stop for the increasing number of immigrants coming through the valley. In Sutter Sr. Later that same year, Sutter Sr. Inwhen gold was discovered by James W. Marshall at Sutter's Mill in Coloma located some 50 miles In August Sutter Sr.

Now compounding the problem of his father's indebtedness, was disciminated additional strain placed on the Sutters by the ongoing arrival of thousands of new gold miners and prospectors in the area, many quite content to squat on unwatched portions of the vast Sutter lands, or to abscond with various unattended Sutter properties or belongings if they could. In Sutter's dsicriminated, rather than being a 'boon' for Sutter, his employee's discovery discirminated gold in hoe area turned out to be more of a personal 'bane' for him. By DecemberJohn Sutter Jr. This venture was discrikinated against the wishes disfriminated Sutter Sr. For commercial reasons the new city was named "Sacramento City," after the Sacramento River.

Warner to draft the official layout of the city, which included 26 lettered and 31 numbered streets today's grid from C St. Unfortunately, a certain bitterness grew between the elder Sutter and his son as Sacramento became an overnight commercial success Sutter's Fort, Mill and the town of Suttervilleall founded by John SutterSr. The citizens of Sacramento adopted a city charter inwhich was recognized by the state legislature in Sacramento is the oldest incorporated city in California, incorporated on February 27, Despite this, because of its position just downstream from the Mother Lode in the Sierra Nevadathe new city grew, quickly reaching a population of 10, Old Sacramento is the settlement that grew out of Sutter's Fort.

The capital of California under Spanish and, subsequently, Mexican rule had been Montereywhere in the first Constitutional Convention and state elections were held. The convention decided that San Jose would be the new state's capital. Afterwhen California's statehood was ratified, the legislature met in San Jose untilVallejo inand Benicia inbefore moving to Sacramento. In the Sacramento Constitutional Convention ofSacramento was named to be the permanent state capital.

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