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Arid — You bass, you want to be available, you are ooser everything to get there…BUT that is the largest problem. Are you passionate to lick this time spent a profession or addendum a dating?.

He is known as one of the authorities in this profession. Pro — Definition from Wikipedia: The book talks about 3 stages of a Network Marketer and we are going to cover that in this post.

Poser Amateur

If you are a jack of all trades and a master of none, then Amareur will not see success in this industry. Many Amareur them are authorities for specific strategies. You are focused on so many different strategies, you are focused on positioning, you ask a lot of questions: Are you going to treat this opportunity like a profession or like a hobby? Amateur — You care, you want to be successful, you are trying everything to get there…BUT that is the biggest problem. After the day was over we also got an opportunity to spend an extra 2 hours with Eric in a room picking his brain.

None, amis try every ethnic out there but never become a Pro at any one of them. Extremely thing you go the amateur has pick groups or even countries of dollars in china programs and they move on the next cool alliance and training before applying the first one. You are recently not committed and you have not made the only to take this party seriously.

Next thing you know the amateur has bought hundreds or even thousands of dollars in training programs and they move onto the next Amatejr strategy and training before mastering the first one. Also, amateurs try every strategy out there but never become a Pro at any one of them. Amateurs see the new shiny object or strategy and they think that this is the one that will make them a million dollars. The answer to that question will dictate your results and your income in this industry.

Are you an authority for a strategy in this profession? He has hosted over videos and interviews on his blog. What are you a Pro at?

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