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2015-16 NASPA Community Colleges Symposium Series at Arapahoe Community College

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Photograph courtesy of Jonathan B. In the late s, before communitg could be widely disseminated via radio, film, and television, the Methodist church founded the national Chautauqua Movement in an effort to educate the working class. Families would travel to assemblies—which began popping up across the country—to hear teachers, musicians, religious leaders, and other orators enlighten them about the issues of the day. Ina group of Texas educators wanting to escape the summer heat approached city officials in Boulder about starting an assembly there. Obenchain credits the legacy of the original founders for carrying the local assembly through lean years. Visitors can still choose from dozens of talks each year with authors, scientists, and other intellectuals Al Gore and Stephen King are past lecturers.

All events begin at 7 p. Educaion the one that fits you best. Single-night lectures from area politicians, businesspeople, college academics; courses in art history, event planning, political science, and history Our Pick: I know people who were valedictorians of a private school but wanted to go to ACC due to the cost, location, and got into other universities their senior year. Going to a community college doesn't mean you weren't a good student in high school and for the most part it means we thought about the loans we'll be taking out and made the choice the less the better.

Describe a typical weekend.

Education adult Arapahoe college community

A eduvation weekend for most of the students here is working at their second job, fitting in a tiny bit of a social life, and studying. Those involved in clubs are also usually constantly planning club events, trying to figure out time management, and social media networking for their club. What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school? When bragging about my school to friends I center on changes I helped put in place.

Arapahoe Community College was not following the law by counting American Sign Language credits for electives on all general studies degrees. For 12 years ACC was breaking a law, I took ASLfound out about this through a classmate, and we started collecting signatures, ended up writing a legal appeal and it passed! What kind of person should not attend this school? A person who slacks off, and skips class often shouldn't attend this school. Arapahoe Community College has programs that are ranked fairly high and high job placement rates for programs such as nurse aide, phlebotomy, EMT, and the physical therapy assistant program. What kind of person should attend this school?

A person who is looking for a diverse social aspect for clubs but also looking to save money.

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