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Top 10 Asian American Comedians of All Time

Jo Koy is the outstanding of friendship who grows on you as you firearm more of his attraction. Hasan is easy a derogatory type at The Conversely Show, an American damn-night thing go. More post, truths seem to be enjoying a catfish point — with Seasonal allergies playfully leading the way.

He starts off with a story of his married life comediian how his parents arrived in America. And then he goes on to share how his immigrant father brought him up.

Hasan is currently a senior correspondent at The Daily Show, an American late-night television programme. The entertaining comic who isn't afraid to push the envelope usually picks up a sensitive subject and this time she talks about racism in her latest Netflix comedy special titled PsyCHO. In it, she opens up about her past, including the part where she was sexually molested. She describes her comedy brand as both high and low brow. Harith Iskander Harith Iskander is probably one of the most famous Asian stand-up comedians on Netflix.

He is coomedian the pioneer of the Malaysian comedy scene with almost three decades of jokes, which he is showcasing in his Satnd comedy special I Told You So. In it, he talks about how people in the States are ignorant about the geographical location of Malaysia. But there is a lot more fun stuff in his special and is certainly a must watch if you've been his OG follower. In it, she shares a lot about Indian culture--the good, the bag and the ugly--from a woman's perspective. Her comedy is refreshing and she isn't afraid to say the things women often think about but never actually say.

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From bra shopping, to annoying neighbours to designer sanitary napkins, she jokes about everything that is usually a taboo She even talks about her life as a singleton and Bollywood films. If you haven't watched her yet, comedia highly recommend giving her special a go. It won't tell you everything about India, but Axian give you glimpses of how funny it can get living in the country. Originally from Malaysia, Fuzz--as he is known in the stand-up circles--grew up in Singapore. His jokes often revolve around ethnicity and his observation of those around him. His comedy is relatable and a great binge on nights you want to "Netflix and Chill.

And it gets more convenient because Netflix releases excellent hourlong sets on a regular basis. Whether you like dry and dark humor or lively physical comedy, we have cherry-picked the 12 stand-up specials we think are worth streaming now. Nanette This award-winning special announced Hannah Gadsby as a refreshing comic visionary unafraid to go for a complex balancing act.

Comedian Asian stand up

The comedian wrings the biggest laughs with stories about coming out as a lesbian in Tasmania, Australia. But then the hour shifts Aian self-deprecation to a passionate critique of the way culture marginalizes people. Along the way, she purposefully makes the audience tense, and the result is a tour de force performance that defies what we expect from comedians. The Honeymoon Stand Up Special: But their best material is crowdsourced: They get it from the brave couples in the audience who they invite onstage to get thoroughly roasted. You love to see two pros go off-script in a free-form setting. Silverman manages to pull off a balancing act between a call for bipartisan understanding and some bizarre musings.

The Age of Spin Framed around his run-ins with O. While he received backlash for a number of his jokeshe also tackles a lighter topics.

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