Asian steak recipes

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Asian Steak

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I don't use wagyu because it's so rich as it is, it really doesn't need a sauce! This recipe requires an all purpose soy sauce, so not light or dark soy sauce. I don't recommend dark soy sauce, the flavour is too strong and will dominate the sauce too much. Low sodium soy sauce is also fine. Mirin is a Japanese rice wine that is sweet. It's key ingredient in Japanese cooking. Japanese sake is a rice wine that is also an essential in Japanese cooking. In Australia, both are readily available nowadays, sold at all major supermarkets like Woolies and Coles. I do not know of a suitable substitution for Mirin for this recipe.

Recipes Asian steak

If you are unable to consume alcohol, unfortunately I can't offer non alcoholic substitutions for Mirin and Sake, they Asiah both essential ingredients in this recipe. To make this for a crowd, I would use a piece of beef tenderloin i. Then rest for at least 8 minutes, loosely covered in foil. Make the sauce in the skillet you used to brown the tenderloin while it is resting.

Asisn Slice tenderloin then serve with sauce. Another secret weapon for the ultimate quick and easy dinner is Veetee Dine In Rice. The rice is perfectly fluffy, light, and the Thai Jasmine variety is a little bit sticky, which you definitely want with an Asian dish. Of course, you could spend minutes cooking rice… but why would you? You can have all the great taste, with barely any effort! With enough taming, Szechuan beef could even be a kid-friendly meal! Nonstick Jumbo Wok — Not necessary for the recipe, but super fun and a great addition to your kitchen arsenal!

Stir Fry Spatula — I use this spatula for cooking just Aslan every dish I make! More Great Asian Dishes! Enter below for a chance to win. Winner chosen at random. I will email the winner, and he or she must respond within 24 hours, or a new winner will be chosen.

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