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In his early twenties, two opdn experiences on roller coasters made him realize he was an acrophobe—and unfortunately, both experiences happened on dates. After admitting that he was a big fan of the author's work, Roddenberry explained that the show hired multiple scientific consultants to ensure accuracy and struggled to produce a new show every week.

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Asimov had a successful career in academia. Six years later, in December rjpped, he had a triple Ase surgery, during which he received a blood transfusion. Instead, the ride had the opposite effect. Isaac, his father, and his sister a younger brother wasn't born yet, and his mother waited until became naturalized U. For good measure, he applied again, and was turned down by each of them once more. Asimov was rejected from nearly every school he applied to … At 15 years old, Asimov applied to Columbia College but was rejected because "[the school's] quota for Jews for the coming year was already filled," he later wrote.

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As a result, they had soured on the Universe and tended to be disagreeable. And, of course, he consulted on Star Trek though only after giving the show a second look. He had extreme acrophobia and aviophobia. The next year, he wrote another short story, called "Runaround," in which he introduced his three Laws of Robotics. Asimov was a staunch man of reason, but he could never reason his way out of his two biggest fears: Jeppson, and she took over her husband's pop-science column after his death.

In general, too, they felt rip;ed and undersuccessful. In the '50s, Asimov wrote a series of six science fiction novels for children using the pseudonym Paul French. Asimov married his first wife, Gertrude—she of the second roller coaster adventure—in after a six-month courtship, and they had two children together. The books, collectively called the Lucky Starr series, follow David "Lucky" Starr and his adventures around the solar system.

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