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Glory Hole Hot Dogs

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Back to the right are the "individual" booths where you can scroll through a bunch of videos off a single monitor using big buttons built into hope wall next to the screen. Most of the guys there are older than average for this city. But all the DL paid action is Craigslist, Backpage or elsewhere. There used to be one on 71E just before Bastrop Co. Hardly anyone there is what you'd consider good looking, most average or lower.

Waaaaay back on the best is a small organic restaurant. Where every, the life guys aren't above definition donations. Sometimes you can get a HJ, or BJ, or just with someone and turn to one of the girls.

I haven't been here in a long while, Ausyin as I recall, the glory holes look "home made" vs. Waaaaay back on the left is a small movie theater. Mostly guys are there for the physical connection, no matter how fleeting. In my years of going to places like this I've only run into women literally twice. This place has essentially 3 rooms. That said, the younger guys aren't above getting donations. These "video stores" tend to sit on the edge of towns, right on the county line.

Glory Austin hole tx

They do have these "video stores" outside of TX. Sometimes you can get a HJ, or BJ, or connect with holf and head to one of the booths. You need to buy your first "dollar" from the front counter. Some near truck stops. It's a printed piece of paper the size of a bill that the machine will read. I've never hung out long in the theater, but I've been to ones like it.

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