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My advice is the latter. Make up your mind and just take off your clothes as if there's nothing to it. Ignore any thoughts to the contrary and you'll soon notice that it wasn't such a big deal. Act natural and any remaining anxiety will quickly abate. You'll be surprised how quickly it just "feels right". From then on, just enjoy yourself. Notice how unbroken the sun, surf, and sand feels on your body. Play volleyball with the regulars if offered. Most people mind their own business at nude beaches, but it's not because they're not friendly usually quite the opposite.

Some people just want to be left alone, and most people there respect that.

Nude beaches are usually relatively quiet and peaceful, compared pichures the riffraff and noise at your typical beach. If you aren't comfortable at one nuxists, try another. If you'd feel safer with a group, check the guides and the internet for groups that frequent beaches in your target area. It may take a trip or two before you get used to it, but give it a chance. Personally, I get frustrated when I go to a "textile" beach with clothed friends. Once you get used to not having anything between you and the beach, it's hard to go back.

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