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Blue Licks Battlefield State Resort, Carlisle Reviews

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As you approach the Licks, at the distance of 4 or 5 miles from it, you begin to perceive the change.

The earth statee to be worn away; the roots of the trees lie naked and bare; the rocks forsaken of the earth, that once covered them, lie naked on the neighboring hills, and roads of an Ble size, in all directions, unite at the Licks, as their common center. Here immense herds of buffalo used formerly to meet and with their fighting, scraping etc. Caldwell met stiff resistance, and after two days, retreated toward the Ohio River. The pioneers — Daniel Boone among them — were inclined to wait for reinforcements before pursuing the enemy, and although under the general leadership of Major John Todd, Major Hugh McGary of the Lincoln County contingent made a brash and fateful decision to pursue immediately after an insult for being timid from Toddengaging Caldwell at Blue Licks.

In the battle that followed, 60 of the men who followed McGary were killed, Boone's son Israel among them.

Another 7 were captured. Reinforcements under George Rogers Clark llcks arrived and drove Caldwell's forces from Kentucky for good. The mineral water found in the springs was rumored to cure everything from asthma to gout. Byhowever, the area's last spring had gone dry. Efforts to locate another spring unearthed several geological and historical artifacts.

Battlefield park state licks Blue

The lodge has 32 rooms, including two suites, one of which can be used as a hospitality center for meetings and family reunions. Rooms are available by late afternoon. Meeting Rooms Two spacious rooms on the lower level of lodge accommodate meetings or banquets. The Daniel Boone Room seats theater style. The Pavilion seats theatre style. Banquet services are available. The Arlington Room, off the main dining area, seats up to banquet style.

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Picnicking Two picnic shelters one with rest roomsare available for rental up to three years lic,s advance. Tables, grills, and playgrounds are located throughout the park for a great picnic outing. I was shocked to find the restrooms closed. We travel from Tenn to Ohio monthly with our 4 dogs and this place was always been on our stopping list.

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