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50 Favorite Sewing Books

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Drafting techniques, clear illustrations, bonus patterns.

There are detailed charts for calculating stretch reductions for maklng and elastic in both the bra and underwear books. Some users will find these charts extremely helpful, as stretch reduction i. As a caveat, I personally find the reductions to be far too tight compared to standards in ready-to-wear, especially for the elastic. Bookx intended audience is the home bra maker rather than the professional—be they a design student or custom bra maker. It walks through the construction techniques that she uses for her linferie bras, along with a formal but encouraging tone that beginners may find helpful.

A strength of this book is in her explanations of materials and her advice to cut or bend wires as needed. There is a little bit of fitting information, but most of its focus is on materials and construction. But if the price tag of those books scares you off, and you want a more personal approach, this book is a friendly start! Easy to follow construction methods. Vintage and Soft Bra Making The following books also cover some aspects of bra-making. Garments of this type do not rely heavily on special materials for fit, and as such they are easier for beginners to learn. Keep in mind that older books about stretch lingerie and structured bras use materials and ideas about stretch fabrics that were available at the time of publication, but are often a little outdated.

Vintage Lingerie by Jill Salen I previously reviewed this book here. Jill Salen is a costume designer and this book peeks inside her collection of vintage lingerie, with some construction techniques.

A great, short intro to drawing and ideation for pattern design. This book is set Boo,s like a course, with individual lessons and exercises to help enhance your skills. Bookz fun way to boost your creativity! This is a mxking, practical hands-on guide to sketching for fashion, and also a wonderful reference book for design details. The author shows some very useful examples of the right and wrong ways to sketch common design elements, like pleats, gathers, and sleeves. Theory of Fashion Design by H. One of my favorite vintage books to reference while designing, not just because of the concepts it covers, but because of the plethora of design variations it demonstrates in the form of early s styles.

I could make lijgerie dress pictured and be a happy lady. Ever thought about designing your own fabric? Kim walks you through everything you need to know, including techniques for designing digitally. More Fabric Savvy by Sandra Betzina: It covers all kinds of fabrics and how to sew them, including special techniques, needles, and thread. Bend the Rules with Fabric by Amy Karol: This is a great book for beginners or anyone who just wants to play. Absolutely fascinating and inspiring. We all know how great Nancy Zieman is. This book brings her knowledge of fitting to you along with tons of step-by-step photos.

This book takes a broader approach to fit than most. It does address the technical, but also takes a good look at how and why things work on our bodies. It seems everyone has an opinion on this book! The great thing about it is that it shows fit techniques on a wide variety of bodies, and that it focuses on the fast and easy well, easier method of tissue fitting. Fitting and Pattern Alteration by Elizabeth L. Pottberg-Steineckert, and Judith A. This is a giant textbook with about a million alterations, and three ways to do each of them! This is invaluable if you are serious about fit, and my absolute favorite fitting book.

An easy to use guide to altering standard patterns. Are you interested in trying your hand at patternmaking at home, or just want to learn the basics of how patterns work, get this book! Patternmaking in Fashion by Lucia Mors de Castro: Most of the patternmaking books I own are big, thick technical volumes.

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This one is nice and compact, covering some of the real basics. I think it would be a handy reference for many home dressmakers. Similar to the Adele Margolis book above, this book covers creating your own blocks and adding and adjusting for various designs. Learn the principles of patternmaking and how to apply them from this page book. This is a more technical alternative to some of the vintage books above. Definitely one of my very favorites. This book covers a huge variety of fabric manipulation techniques, from pleating to ruching to tucks. You will find endless inspiration here. This is followed by information on measuring, fabric, cutting, sewing, and a guide on how to read and understand the patterns.

The authors introduce ideas on colours for lingerie, how to dye your own fabric and trims, and the importance of hand washing your lingerie. The book has a wonderful tone and the instructions are to the point.

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Just to note, the photographs of the sewing projects are not showing front and back. The book has 25 projects including: Just to note, the book does not cover underwire bras. The sizing guide offers sizes 8 to 18 and on the patterns cup sizing goes up to a 34D.

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