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How Storytelling Can Drive Brand Love and a Better Bottom Line

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Which is a paradox because the publisher and sponsor must have based lihe venture into native advertising on the premise that you need advertieement provide an audience with something of value in order to reach engagement. So why is that? One of those is the ability to provide the reader with an entry point to the hidden worlds of the world. The actual writing oozes indifference. Advertising is so much more complex than making a sales pitch.

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T Brand Studio does a great job of that with their sponsored posts. Imagine a brand launching an advertising campaign with the nsw share of voice, exposed in the most appropriate channels, with the most resonating TVC, represented by an endorser more credible than Kuya Kim and more popular than Kris Aquino. Likewise, the shank — the inner sole that provides support for the arch — can be customized for thickness, flexibility and length. An infuriating amount of sponsored content reads like the brainless drivel of somebody who fell asleep ten times while he wrote it.

Click to email this to a friend Opens in new advertisfment Since being launched llne earlyT Brand Studio has provided a different take on native advertising. The brand KPIs become the ROI currencies that marketing and advertising practitioners should put value on and commit to. In fact, more often than not, there is an entire team or department responsible for it. ROIs are sweet candy lures for advertisers to either increase their advertising budgets or for non-advertisers to take the plunge and invest on advertising.

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