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Dora sang to the turkey as she rubbed it with spices. She taught me how to roll out dough for the apple pie. I traced my hand on construction paper and colored the fingers like turkey feathers. I asked her why the bottoms of her feet were pink, and she said the skin had rubbed off from so much standing. If the heart is struggling to pump enough blood to your extremities it will cause problems with your circulation. That will make the skin look shiny and hair will not grow there. See your GP or a podiatrist if you notice any of these symptoms.

Jake says half of patients with psoriasis will have nail problems. Treatments include steroid creams, light therapy and oral medications. If your nails are pitted see a GP.

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Some people have no symptoms, while others experience numbness, tingling, burning, sharp pain, cramps, extreme pjnk when touched, and a loss of coordination ipnk balance. Left untreated, these little problems can become major infections that invade the bones. If an infection invades your bones, then amputation could be required to save your life. Primary prevention of a foot ulcer before it even happens is ideal, but early intervention can be the difference between healing an ulcer and needing an amputation. Routine evaluation by a healthcare professional is key. Here are some of the foot and leg problems related to diabetes that can lead to amputation if they are not treated promptly: Blocked blood vessels can occur in your leg when there is poor circulation from diabetes.

Vascular surgery may be needed to unblock them and restore circulation, but it is not always successful. Bunions and hammertoes may be caused by nerve damage.

If they aren't treated, more ulcers sores can develop. Calluses and corns can result from ill-fitting shoes. Treat feet early or they may become ulcers. Bkttoms foot is a foot deformity caused by neuropathy. I can't walk very far and have to stop and rest several times when climbing stairs. I have my theories about this, of course, but I don't know if I'm right, or what to do about it. I've noticed that when I breath - or try to - I breath from my stomach, the diagphram and intercostal muscles don't seem to be working.

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