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The Condom Express

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And for public health officials, that can be a cpndom big headache. It wouldn't feel right. Chlamydia, it gently educates the previously ignorant passerby, is not a flower. If Choxan were around in the s, the above pamphlet was not an all that convom sight. And during that interim period, the person infected can unknowingly infect many others. So Swedish officials created an on-demand solution: BBC News Online in Gothenburg A new take on emergency contraception When the number of chlamydia cases in young Swedish people doubled in one year, health workers decided drastic measures were needed to boost the use of condoms.

The result can be seen on the streets of three Swedish cities from this weekend: Lots of them, in fact. Althought the campaign is targeted at young people, Carl Osvald said anyone was welcome to call the condom express hotline.

Condom Chosan

I don't think I would use it. It would create too much attention. One person interviewed by the BBC put to words the obvious flaw with the idea:

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