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Clothed-Female Naked-Male Party

The briefs chatted and occasionally would adult a glass for a recommendation. I did have a totally thick patch at my grandma and some hairy on my lower back and ass.

And the butlers serve. The dance floor becomes crowded as the music continues; flirtatious, amorous, libidinous. Everyone knows the specified time when the male guests must strip naked. Most, if not all, the women stay until the moment of the naked reveal. When the time Clothed women naked waiters, an announcement is made, conversations pause, and the men all strip naked right where they are. The women watch and laugh with fascination. The male guests are now naked, but the conversations continue, the flirting increases, and the half-naked butlers continue to serve. As the night continues there is more flirting and laughter, touching and playing, teasing and kissing, and the music continues.

The focus is always on the pleasure and happiness of the women. There are delighted, aroused women cavorting on the dance floor, chatting at the bar, lounging on the couches, and playing in the dark corners. The night ends when the women go back to their families, husbands, friends, and homes. It has been a night of female sexual freedom. Your Comments Torquatus Sounds hot to me, as a guy. But the fantasy gets kind of vague at the end--meant to leave something to our imagination? But fantasy is imagination, so I'd really like to hear where it leads in this case. Where it leads for both men and women.

I made my way to the pool and dove in. The water was cool enough to begin bringing me down. I heard a voice ask if I wanted company. Maggie was standing on the edge. She still had on her t-shirt, jeans and sandals. Maggie kicked the sandals off and lifted the shirt over her head. She had on a small bra. She loosened the top of her jeans and pulled the zipper down. She turned her back and shimmied out of the tight pants. I could see her small butt that was hardly covered by a thong. With her back to me, she hooked her thumbs in the thong and eased it off. By the Clothed women naked waiters of the pool, I could see her pale skin and even paler area of her beautiful ass.

She reached behind, unsnapped her bra and let it drop. Slowly she turned with one arm across her breasts and the other in front with her had covering her crotch. Her breasts were probably—OK, I asked later—32 A. Her nipples were tiny and dark with a slightly lighter aureole. Her bush was as red as her head, but trimmed and shaved to about an inch and a half strip. It was a little too dark to see if you could make out her lips. She dove in and surfaced next to me. She stood up and said it was a little cold. I looked at her tiny nips that now stood out a good half inch or more and agreed it did look cold. She looked down and laughed and dove under and began to swim the length of the pool underwater.

We stayed in swimming about ten minutes and then decided it was too cold and climbed out to get into the spa that was adjacent. As we were getting in the hot tub, Maggie checked out my equipment that was definitely having a shrinkage effect. I confessed I was really embarrassed that first day when she saw me with a hard-on and then I had to face her back at the office. She said at least it stopped her from having to mentally undress me, as she had been doing for the whole month I was working there. I was surprised that women did that sort of thing.

Maggie grabbed my hand and we ran back to the house. There was a large shower stall with a glass door. We both jumped in and Maggie turned on and adjusted the water. She spun me around and then washed my back from neck to heel. She spent a lot of time on my butt and kept saying how tight it was. I then washed her back and said I loved how her little butt fit right into my hands. I reached around and took her tiny breasts into my hands. She put her hands on mine and pulled them away. As we rinsed one last time, Maggie put her hands on my waist and pulled me to her. She kissed me lightly on my lips and hugged me, pressing her nipples into my chest, and her crotch into mine.

I sprang wood and she reached down and pulled it up so that it pressed against her stomach. She kissed me again, but pulled back with I tried to kiss back and use my tongue. She smiled and shook her head. She then reached down and gave me a couple strokes. I stood staring at her perfect ass as it left the room and then was startled to see Carol walk in. She obviously did not have a bra on and her nipples poked through the thin cotton material. She was carrying two glasses of wine and handed one to Maggie who had returned. Maggie toweled her hair and wrapped the towel around her head. She and Carol leaned against the vanity and looked at me. Maggie was stunningly naked and Carol simply but provocatively dressed.

I had never performed in front of anyone, let alone two women. Carol gestured with her glass of wine as to encourage me. I slowly slid my right hand on my base and eased it up the shaft. With my left, I added a little soap and soon had a lather. I increased both the tempo and the pressure and felt the tension building. Both women were smiling and focusing their attention on my excitement. I rapidly reached the point of no return and kept pumping while spurting in the shower. They both put down their wine glasses and applauded. She leaned into Maggie and sighed. Then spoke softly to her.

Turning back to me she said she was going to her room and thanked me for all my work. She told me Maggie had my pay for the day, and then said she really appreciated the last few minutes. As Carol left the bathroom, Maggie came over and took the soap from my hand and washed my now limp member, cleaning away any traces of my excitement. I stepped back under the shower and rinsed. When I finished, Maggie had left the room.

I dried off and put on the clothes that were left on the vanity. Downstairs I found Maggie wearing a long caftan and pouring another glass of wine. It was pleasure for us to watch you and we both think you are great. I never mentioned anything to Tom during our daily games and dinners. On Friday, I asked for the afternoon off and Tom was happy to oblige. The market was dull and he was leaving early for his beach house. She had stopped by during lunch one day and we shared a tuna sandwich on a bench in the office courtyard. She explained that since I was new, I might need to have a few tips. The first was grooming. She said that they were thrilled to see I was not hairy.

I had only mild chest hair and nothing on my back. I did have a fairly thick patch at my crotch and some hair on my lower back and ass. Maggie said I would need to do some shaving and trimming, and that she could come by that night to help. I agreed and she said she would give me the rest of the info then. She came by around 8 and smiled when seeing me nearly naked. She had me stand on a towel and she began trimming back my pubic hair. It only took a couple touches as she moved my member around until I was hard. She then asked for a razor and cream. She took a washcloth and soaked the area and then applied shaving cream to my inner thighs and the area between my navel and the top of the patch.

She quickly shaped me into a small triangle with sharply defined edges. She then lathered my balls and stretching them out shaved them smooth. She also shaved my chest smooth. Under her direction I turned around and she shaved my lower back and cheeks. She rubbed her hands over my crotch and announced it was a great feel and a great look. Maggie then drew a bath and poured in some bath crystals she pulled from her bag. She told me to hop in and left the bathroom. She returned in a few minutes with an ice bucket and a bottle of white wine with two glasses. She must have brought them with her. She poured two glasses, handed me one and rested the other on the top of the hamper by the tub. She then stripped and slid into the tub facing me.

Picking up her glass, she toasted me and said the lesson was about to begin. Maggie explained that Carol had engaged a caterer to prepare the dinner and that he would remain in the kitchen. The four waiters, including me, would wear flip-flops and one of those geeky Chippendale collar and ties. Each of the waiters would take a position behind the two women whom he was serving. He would bring in the food, clear the plates, pour the wine, and do what his women asked. He was not to speak unless answering a question. VERY shy and sensitive, easily embarrassed, this losing girl accepts bets for consequences she can barely tolerate psychologically.

Her way of letting off steam. Loser has to Submit to 'Anything' the other wants She implored me to go along and that she and Carol would not only be grateful, but also would make it worth my effort. All the while Maggie was talking her small breasts bobbed up and down in the suds. She would reach out to touch my knee to make a point and once or twice rubbed her foot in my crotch. The effect was that I was enormously hard. The desert is always some sort of ice cream accompanied by sauces and whipped cream.

Each waiter offers ice cream, sauce and whipped cream to each of the guests. The guests have the option to use the sauce and cream on the ice cream or on the waiter. So, each woman really has the opportunity to perform some oral sex on each of the waiters. I know this sounds so weird. And, Carol has already said she wants it to be me who cleans the sauce from you. I know this can be embarrassing, and if you want to back out you can.

Carol will claim a client emergency and leave town for a week or two. She will lose face, but we all will survive. He was tall and skinny like her with the same red hair. Jake was about my size and looked like an athlete. We began stripping, and I soon found out that I was the junior member in every category. Mike Cothed a long, thin dick that looked even bigger on his skinny body. He was cut and nked a big head. It was longer than mine and Clothwd darker. Marcel, however, lived up to the stereotype of a black man. He was uncut like me, but his member was two shades blacker than his skin.

The guys started rubbing a light coating of oil on them. Mike tossed me a bottle and said it looks better with a little sheen. Mike offered to do my back and I did his. Each guy also worked his dick so it hung heavier. Maggie came in and gave us an approving look and told us to meet in the hallway to greet the guests. The women arrived in pairs. The first were two attorneys who were about They had short black dresses, stockings and high heels. Jake stepped forward and they each took an arm and he led them into the living room. Next came a mixed race couple. The black woman was a professional basketball player that I recognized.

She was taller than Maggie and wore her hair close cropped. She had on a tan silk pants suit and a creamy camisole underneath the jacket. When she walked everything moved seductively. He companion was a white woman who played on the US soccer team. I assumed that Marcel would escort them, but Mike stepped forward. They each hugged him and as he walked them down the hall they joined hands and rested them on his ass.

She molten her back and bad out of the beneficial pants. Maggie nodded along admired nakex one night, with two more over her arm and a champagne bucket with three eras damn in. And, Don has already huge she wants it to be me who looks the sauce from you.

The doorbell rang again and Maggie greeted two women in Clothed women naked waiters late forties. She recognized me too and gave me a thorough up and down glance and smiled. She was a blond who looked a lot like Diane Sawyer. She just dripped class, and wore a camel skirt wiaters a soft silk blouse. Her dinner partner was a brunette, whom I later discovered, was a leading surgeon in Boston. She wore all black, silky pajamas with the top three buttons Clothd to reveal amazing cleavage. Karen, my bosses ex, walked over to Marcel and stood on tip toe to kiss his cheek, while running her hand up and down that huge waiteers.

Her partner did the same. Then Marcel escorted them to the living room. Maggie was wearing a white, long-sleeved cotton top with her nipples pushing the fabric wqiters fitted black nnaked pants. Her hair was loosely tied up with a black ribbon and she wore just a trace of make-up. She motioned me to take her arm and we headed to the other guests. As nakev passed the door to the dining room, Carol joined Clothed women naked waiters. She was wearing a loose pair of black silk pants with legs that awiters and a black top that was completely sheer. I could clearly see her breasts and dark nipples.

I felt a rush nakev my loins and I think Maggie sensed it. She whispered in my ear to cool down. As part of my pre-dinner instructions, Maggie said if I felt myself getting hard, I should get to the kitchen. They kept a bowl of chilled water there and I should stick my dick in it. No boners before their time, was how she put it. The ladies were chatting and the men took their drink orders. We retreated to the kitchen. In spite of any embarrassment, I headed for the bowl of chilled—it really was iced—water and plunged my equipment in. The effect was immediate, and I lost the urge to grow. They oohed and aahed and took some. I soon realized that touching was part of the ritual. Some would rest a hand on a naked butt or thigh, or rub a leg from knee to groin.

Maggie cupped my ass and gave me a light squeeze. Carol, who really never touched me before, brushed the back of her hand across the tip of my dick as she reached for an appetizer. I knew I would soon be back to the ice bowl. The men went to retrieve the drinks. As the new kid, I took the tray and Mike said I had to serve each woman. I had hands everywhere as I made my way around the room. Karen said it was so good to see me and picked up my penis and looked at it. She offered it to her friend, who took it and pulled slightly. I turned to Carol who noticed the effect and smiled.

Maggie stood up and asked me to join her in the kitchen. She told me to soak it again since I was almost past half-mast. I obliged and then rejoined the group. The men stood along the wall next to the fireplace. The women chatted and occasionally would raise a glass for a refill. When it came time for dinner, we served each course to our individual ladies. Actually, there was a lot to do and after a while I relaxed and forgot about being nude, although Maggie would give me a little butt squeeze every now and then. We cleared the table and it was time for desert. Each of us waiters took a couple minutes to stroke and get hard, and then moved on to dessert.

We each took a tray with chocolate and butterscotch sauce, pureed strawberries, whipped cream, and two bowls of ice cream. Each waiter went to his women and served the bowls of ice cream. Maggie then took the brush that was on the tray and spread chocolate sauce on me. She topped it with a dollop of whip cream and started to lick me clean. Her mouth was so warm, I thought I might shoot. She probably thought the same so she reached underneath and clamped my balls. I got the message. I watched as Karen and her friend loaded up Marcel with butterscotch.

Together they licked up and down the enormous shaft, letting their tongues meet and entwine at the tip. Each of the other women also enjoyed a treat from their waiters. Then it was time to switch. Karen beckoned me to her side.

Waiters naked Clothed women

She took the strawberries and rubbed them on Clothed women naked waiters balls. She had me put one leg up on the chair and she sucked each nut clean. The two lawyers now had Marcel between them and just kept stroking him up and down. Mike was now standing next to his sister and Carol. To avoid any awkwardness, Carol put a dab of cream on his tip and flicked it off without so much as touching his skin. Desert was now over and the women moved into the den for after dinner drinks. When we served, we were still hard and wanting to come. I noticed the pro athletes were into a heavy make-out session with each other. After another half hour the women began chatting about leaving.

The waiters all escorted them to the door and after various gropings, hugs and air kisses all but Carol and Maggie had left. The other guys went to the study got dressed and picked up the envelopes waiting for them. They made their good byes and departed. Maggie looked at Carol and me and let out a whoop. Carol, everything was perfect. Carol beamed and agreed. Then Maggie suggested a trip to the spa with a bottle of champagne. Carol and I headed out. We got to pool area and I said I wanted to rinse off the oil and sticky residue from the sauces. Carol went to the spa area. She had her back to me and I saw her lift the black top over her head. She then undid the drawstring pants and let them drop exposing her bare, pear-shaped bottom.

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