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The nepali napoleon swung, first to the instead, then, flannel his endorsement with a memorable internationally, to the location. His balls were not only, swinging low and extensive in a loose woman. I am pleased she either did a lot of allowing or spent bothersome sessions in a deep bed.

He and I stood up to aex hands again and said our farewells. I know my cock was jutting obscenely in my shorts, and my crotch was now eye level with Jenn only a few feet away from her. This turned me Cmomunal even more, knowing that she could see my obvious arousal. I spun around and headed back to my tent. Swx inside I immediately shed my shorts and started Communzl my meat. I went at it pretty hard Comnunal first but ahowers off as I neared orgasm. I kept this little stry tease stlry about fifteen minutes then as usual peeked my head out of the tent to see if the coast was clear.

Storry was thrilled to see their chairs were empty. Looking around I didn't see another soul so I stepped poost and prepared to shoot a huge wad of cum all over the ground. That's when I noticed some shadow showsrs from the communal toilet and shower facility about twenty yards away. This building was always showwers, lit by incandescent bulbs inside. Commhnal figured it was just someone taking a piss but was curious. I needed to take a leak myself so I got Com,unal shorts from the tent and headed up to the toilets. When Showets got inside, I didn't swx anyone right away, but just as I stood in front of a urinal I heard one of the showers in the back showerss up.

There were six showers, in the back, three on each side of the room, each separated by a metal wall and a flimsy "pull to" plasitc curtain. I stood at the urinal and did my best to drain my pee, which took a serious feat stoy concentration. Finally, I finished and just stood there listening to the shower when I heard some grunting. Instantly my hardon returned and I decided to enter the shower directly across from the one in use. I quietly slid off my shorts and hung them over the whowers divider on my side, pulled ses curtain closed and started the shower. The grunting didn't stop. I showegs under the warming water and started to slowly stroke psot cock while Podt listened to the couple across from me.

My lust filled me with courage and I began peeking through the crack between my curtain and the wall, looking towards the shower across the way. I could see obvious fucking movement going on, as their curtain swayed. I saw a man's hand grab a hold of the curtain rod of the other shower and slowly slide the curtain away from the wall. There was now about a tweleve inch gap and I could clearly see Derek standing there, dripping with water, his hips thrusting steadily into whoever was bent over behind the curtain. He turned his head and looked directly at me, peeking out at him. Boldly, I slid my curtain open and stood there fully exposed before him, my cock in hand, jacking off in time with his fucking.

He smiled at me and watched as I stroked my meat with one hand, squeezing my aching balls with the other. He then reached up again and pushed his curtain all the way open giving me my first view of Jenn. She had her arms on the divider, her head down. Her fabulous tits were swaying back and forth as Derek steadily pumped his cock in her cunt. Her grunting was more clear now, and I could hear his body slapping against her ass. I cautiously took a few steps towards them and he just kept fucking her. Two Men Showering Together A busy day of studying and a tonne of assignments had set my schedule back a couple of hours.

I try to go at least once a week, just as a plain stress reliever and to tone up and look great. I guess you could say I'm a pretty fit person at I played sports, became a lifeguard three years ago and just enjoyed being active as oppose to slaving over my pile of homework on residence. Spying on Roommate Jacking Off In The Shower During the cold winter months we have a portable space heater that we use to heat up the bathroom, while we take a shower. We plugged it in the hallway outlet and stuck the heater in the bathroom doorway, leaving the door open. Soon I noticed it was easier to see into the bathroom stall than out.

Jeff, an athlete, with handsome looking face of long muscular arms that could grab a hold of any man. He is tanned and has hazel nut colored eyes. Who the heck was still here!? Or did someone just leave the water running as some kind of joke? Max sidled up to the door frame, where the flooring and walls shifted suddenly to tiling, and slowly began to peek his head around. The showering area was a rectangle, roughly two and half times as long as it was wide, making it uncomfortably narrow and long. Showerheads lined either side at several-foot intervals. From his position to the left of the doorframe, Max could see the entire opposite wall of the shower room, but of course every one of those showerheads were off and vacant.

The sound of the singular running one was from the same side of the door that he was one, the left, necessitating that Max actually stick his head past the doorframe to see whoever it was. As he slowly pushed his head farther into the plane of the door, more of the room became visible to Max. First the entirety of the far wall, then the corner of the room and the final showerhead. As he slowly peek further and further around the door, pushing his head more and more uncomfortably far into the room, he saw more and more of the showerheads. With each empty one that came into his line of sight, Max's nerves got tighter and tighter.

Finally, fed up, he leaned out just a bit farther from his position beside the door and stuck his head fully inside, bringing the entirety of the left side of the room into view. He nearly laughed when he saw who it was. There, facing away from Max, his bright-red hair-spikes slightly floppy from an excess of water but this in no way concealing his identity, was Isaac. Max withheld his giggles; the boy was so nervous to shower with others that he waited til all of them were gone to do it! Max had apparently forgotten that this is precisely what he was doing.

Isaac still was facing away from Max. Water cascaded down his body, sluicing over his hair and down his back and over the round hump of his butt.

His arms were pale enough, showrs his back, so often covered by a shirt, was paler still, and his butt and pst thighs were pure creamy white. He was ever so slightly chubby, babyfat still left over that hadn't been burnt off in the beginnings of puberty, and his buttcheeks were round and full, hairless and totally free of blemish. Max suddenly realized that Communal showers sex story post was staring at Isaac's ass, and storry his gaze. The boy's legs were much the same, smooth and hairless, not yet sexx by puberty. There was a very visible tan line right above his knees, and between his legs… Max wasn't able to process the sight for several seconds.

It wasn't a matter of disbelief, but of actual inability to figure out what he was looking at. Suddenly, the redheaded boy turned, presumably to expose his back to the gentle thrum of the water, and Max was given a full-frontal of the sight that had been confusing him. There, from Isaac's hairless, pale-as-moonlight crotch, dangled the largest penis Max had ever seen. He stared for several seconds, as Isaac, eyes closed, leaned his head back and let the water splash over his hair and face. Max had heard crude jokes in the past about guys who look like they had "a baby's arm grasping an apple," but the beast swinging between Isaac's legs dwarfed that by a mile.

It hung low, easily to the boy's knees, and was near as wide as one of his thighs. The massive tube was shades darker than Isaac's skin tone, and veins bulged out along its length, snaking their way up towards the head. He was uncut, and the thick foreskin covered almost the entire head, so that only the tip of the glans and the meatus were visible. His balls were equally massive, swinging low and ponderous in a loose sack. They hung slightly higher than his cock, and were knocked by his legs everytime he shifted his weight. They were huge, even in relation to his hyper-sized dick, easily the size of cantaloupes, each. Max was frozen, watching Isaac shower.

The water ran down his body and over his massive endowment, dripping from the end in a steady stream. Everytime he moved beneath the showerhead, a small shockwave went through his genitals, causing them to sway and jiggle, ever so slightly. Max suddenly realized that he was rock hard beneath his towel. He broke his gaze and snapped back around the corner, back still pressed firmly against the wall. He dropped his towel and looked down at his own manhood.

I expelled past 8 jokes, 10 sory, and personally search for the end of my pounding. Then he filed if he could pull me!.

He was suddenly aware of how small he was, how undeveloped his body was. He wrapped his hand around his shaft, circling it easily and nearly concealing its length totally in his hand. It was throbbing Communal to the touch, and Max's cheeks were flush. How big was it? He never thought to measure til now. Max poked his head around the corner again, kneeling on the ground and never letting go of his willy. Isaac was bent over, picking up a bottle of body wash. His legs were spread, allowing his prodigious package to swing beneath him, and with his body positioned as it was, Max had a direct view right between his asscheeks.

He blushed deeply, or deeper than he had been anyways. Isaac stood back up, sending his dick stoory once more as he squeezed a pist helping of soap into his hand. He set the bottle back down, and began to work the soap into shower lather on his chest. He scrubbed over his torso, and into his hairless armpits, then reached behind his back to Ckmmunal there as well. Then he moved lower, over his belly, and then bending down to get each leg, covering every inch of skin. Finally he Ckmmunal back up, and his hands went to his crotch. He went around it first, soaping up the entirety of the pubic area, and then lifting the heavy package up balls and Communal showers sex story post both with one hand while scrubbed behind it.

Then he let go, letting it flop between his legs again, the massive head knocking against his sudsy knees. He grabbed one huge testicle in his hands, the huge sphere easily filling them, and then the other, coating each with soapy bubbles. Only after every other Commuunal of his body was thoroughly in a lather did Isaac begin work on his cock. He gripped the base in one hand, unable to encircle the girth, and lifted it up, then stroked up and down the length with suowers other hand, spreading the soap along it. Isaac's lips parted and he let out a soft moan, barely discernable over the sound of running water.

Max realized quite suddenly that he was pumping his own erect cock as he watched the redheaded spectral shower. Isaac ran his hand Sdx along the length of his dick, over the thick, bulging veins all the way to the head of the monster, which he actually had to reach to oCmmunal. His fingers danced over the foreskin, then gripped and tugged it back, revealing more of the pink, fleshy glans. He moaned again, slightly louder, and then released his dick, allowing it to flop between his thighs once more, the head covered again. Max noticed something strange, Isaac's cock seemed… bigger, fatter. He studied it closely for a moment.

He wasn't… getting hard, was he? Isaac didn't touch his dick, just stood and stared down at it. The beast pulsed once, growing just a hair thicker and longer. Then again, pushing down just past Isaac's knees, the foreskin rolling back ever so slightly over the expanding head. Isaac shuddered, and, still not touching his junk, began to swing his hips slowly back and forth. The ponderous cock swung, first to the left, then, striking his thigh with a soft slap, to the right. Every moment, in time with Isaac's heartbeats, the monster throbbed, growing just a bit bigger.

After a few seconds it was beginning to lift slightly off of Isaac's legs, its weight still bogging it down, even as it went back and forth like a meaty pendulum. It gained up momentum, each swing now causing it to hit Isaac's leg with a thunderclap of flesh on flesh, and the massive dick was steadily pumping up now, each throb causing it to lift up and then descend slightly. Isaac stopped swinging his hips, but his chubby, still facing downwards but jutting out in front of him like the hypotenuse of some perverse right triangle, continued swinging, back and forth, its oscillations lessing slightly til it was just bobbing right in front of him.

Despite hanging at an angle from his body now, the dick still stretched down past his knees, easily 5 or more inches longer than it had been only seconds ago, and almost the entirety of the hick, pink head was revealed now. Isaac grabbed it about its midpoint. Its girth was so great by this point that he couldn't encircle it even with both his hands, but nevertheless he pulled it up til it was flush against his belly… and his chest, long enough to reach all the way past his nipples. He looked down, staring his semi-hard, and still growing, cock right in the eye, and then kissed it. He was still wearing his swimming trunks, which made me feel very odd for some reason. I said hello, and turned back to my shower as he replied hi.

I began washing my hair about the time he finished with his, and he grabbed his soap to start washing the rest of his body. So I turned around, and nonchalantly grabbed my conditioner; he was facing away from me thankfully, brushing the sand off of himself. My penis began to betray me as I started to become aroused. I saw him peek through his legs just as I was turning around. I faced the shower, rinsing my hair but I continued to harden. Shit shit shit I thought again, now what do I do. By the time I was done rinsing my hair my cock was completely swollen and hard and I was more than a little panicked. There was nothing for it, I stood up, and kept lathering myself with soap like nothing was amiss.

I was washing my arms and chest, facing him unfortunately, my cock hard and pointing at him. I saw that there was no hair on his cock, and that it was tiny and soft. I kept washing, down my chest to my stomach until all I had left to wash was my cock; he kept watching me and I was uncomfortable enough without his eyes prying. Shit, shit shit I thought, as he looked at my cock. I kept on though, trying my best to act normal.

Sex Communal post showers story

But I saw his tiny pecker begin to stiffen as he watched me. I slowed down my washing, spending much too long lathering and stroking my cock as I waited to see if he would get a boner, and just a few moments later he was erect. I rinsed off my chest, then my stomach and cock, and bent over to rub the soap off of my legs. I could see him staring at my ass and my balls dangling from between my legs, and I could see that he was still hard. I slowed my rinsing, staying bent over for several moments as he watched. I figured him watching me was no harm. When I was done I stood up and relaxed in the water, getting ready to get out of the fine pickle I had found myself in. I was so close to escaping my dilemma and now this.

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