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Yet despite that resemblance, most treatments of the Alaskan law don't bother to mention the Hawaiian one.

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Virtually none of the coverage of the Alaska story mentions that just last month a Michigan law that gave cops immunity from prosecution for penetrative sex with people under investigation for prostitution is finally being challenged. The police union argued vociferously against the reform, just as they are doing now in Alaska, before eventually dropping their opposition in the face of a tide of popular condemnation. Yet the behavior is common enough to bring police unions to its defense on a regular basis. And meanwhile, police and their unions continue to unabashedly protest the loss of the option to sexually exploit suspects without repercussions.

In Augustjudges threw out three prostitution cases in Minneapolis because the cops "went too far," arousing the ire of the city's female chief public defender. Even when it isn't—as in this report on a similar informal policy in Fort Smith, Arkansas —reporters routinely accept the word of police department mouthpieces that such policies are both unusual and well-intentioned, and that most cops would never Cop fucks hookers of using them for nefarious purposes because sex workers are exploited "victims" that they're trying to "rescue.

Follow Maggie McNeill on Twitter. Every time reformers get a toehold, coverage tends to treat a state's policy or practice as an standalone case. Alaska Most people would agree that the deception, the power differential, and the subsequent arrest of sex workers make such contact utterly unacceptable, even if they don't think that it rises to the level of rape. A suspect might ask him to touch her breast, he explained. Coverage of specific stories on this topic rarely make reference to the prevailing pattern, even when there are other recent examples. The legislature tried to repeal a s-era immunity clause for cops engage in prostitution investigations.

This month the fight is in Alaskawhere the Anchorage Police Department is opposing two bills that would criminalize "sexual contact" with suspected sex workers.

Hookers Cop fucks

What we're interested in now hooksrs the trafficking. But while Australian lawmakers understood that the way to eliminate the problem was to take away cops' power over sex workers, no American state has yet taken any but the most hesitant and largely symbolic steps in the direction of true decriminalization. Other times the activity somehow doesn't make it into police reports at all.

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