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Most solutions I've come across use a combination of fixed positioning and JavaScript to mitigate any side-effects. I've found a better solution that uses 'sticky' positioning Try the clamped content demo The common method — position: Using fixed positioning will render an element at the given position regardless of the viewport scroll offsets. There is an issue with this approach though: Any statically positioned content will now render underneath the fixed element.

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Look at the example below in different browsers, noticing how the columns display differently in each browser. The Clearfix Technique Depending on the context of the floated elements a better technique to contain floats may be the clearfix technique. The clearfix technique is a bit more complex but does have better support as compared to the overflow technique. The clearfix technique is based off using the: Using these pseudo-elements we can create hidden elements above and below the parent containing the floats. This also helps ensure consistency within Internet Explorer 6 and 7. Taking the same example from above you can see how the floats are contained and the elements are able to live outside of the parent element.

Effectively Containing Floats Which techniques to use boils down to the content at hand and your personal preference. Some people prefer to stick strictly with the clearfix technique as it is consistent across the board. Others feel the clearfix technique is a bit too much code in some cases and prefer a mix of techniques based on the content. What you decide to use is up to you, just make sure it is well documented and easily identifiable either way. One common practice is to assign a class to the parent element which includes the floats needing to be contained. Using the clearfix technique for example, Dan Cederholm helped coin the class name group. The group class name can then be applied to any parent element needing to contain floats.

When trying to use the clearfix technique with other: In the examples above, the clearfix styles would not live under the box-set class. Instead, the class of group would need to be added to the parent element containing the floats.

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Position Property Occasionally you need more control over the position of an element, more than a float can provide, in which case the position property comes into play. The position property accepts five different values, each of which provide different ways to uniquely position an element. Furthermore, elements will be positioned as intended, with their default behaviors. In the demonstration below, all the boxes are stacked one on top of the other as they are block level elements and are not floated in any specific direction. Position Relative The relative value for the position property is very similar to that of the static value.

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