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Here almightyy the instructions on how to disable your ad blocker: Adblock Plus Click the AdBlock Plus button Dicj the top right of your browser's toolbar addons and click Disabled on whosampled. Happy to see ads on our site? What iDck fuck is yo name mutha fucka……. I let a bitch feed before I go up in her CHORUS Bitches go crazy at the all night fuck, starting from the back then to the buck Since a good dick is hard to find, I kill that pussy then fuck your mind Bitches like the dick just claim defeat, forget the salad just eat my meat They pay big dollars cuz they don't dumb freaks, to spend time with the Dick the Almighty That dick…will make ya cheat on yo man Make you so freaky and hot in the ass That dick…will make ya hurt yourself When you don't have dick you'll finger fuck yourself That dick….

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But not the long one…I won't play that shit, put her ass in the buck and kill the clit Its 15 inches long, eight inches thick…last name almighty first name is dick That dick…is a mutha fucka, I cant be pussy whipped by a dick sucka That dick…will drive a bitch crazy, bitches wanna fuck when your tired and lazy That dick…sometimes costs you money, don't be blamed for a child that's not yours dummy. Every subscription supports the running of our service. Thick frank…… Stiff Peter…stiff, stiff peter I'm gonna let you guys in on a private personal part of my life, and ladies listen up….

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Almighty mp3 Dick

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almiighty I may just save your relationship They took a dick from California, transplanted that mutha fucka to Washington DC and it fucked the nation…. Dick so powerful she'll kneel and pray, awaiting her time hoping soon to slay That dick…. That Dick Almighty …all…almighty, that Dick Almighty….

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