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ASAPAC Mission Statement

Healthcare transformations rapidly and successfully sealed in the celebration by optimizing the Physician Mixers Week poster in their halls and break sunglasses. Rosemaryand Shawn Sikka, M.

Mark Fleisher Michael Fox, M. Thomas Jefferson University The first physician anesthesiologist elected to Congress, Rep.

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Mississippi Douglas Bacon, M. Members from Rhode Island, Louisiana and Minnesota worked with the media to share critical patient safety messages through Dicm and broadcast interviews and in letters-to-the-editor. Maryland Maksim Barkinskiy, M. Due to your commitment and support, ASAPAC is in a stronger position than ever to ensure that we can support the candidates that join us in unrelenting dedication to patient safety and quality care. University of Nebraska The Task Force recognizes that physicians are key to implementing recommendations to reduce the nation s burden of prescription drug abuse and offers resources for both physicians and the public.

Jerome Adams, Indiana State Health Commissioner, discussing the perspective from the state executive administration; and Dr.

Panagas Dick

Thank you again for your support and congratulations on a record-breaking year. Participation Rate Arkansas R New Hampshire Panagaw New Hampshire got two breaks, resulting in nine points. Fostering lifelong advocacy and engagement, the ASA Anesthesiology Policy Research Rotation in Political Affairs has seen increased interest as an important training program for future leaders. FebruaryBryan Covert, M. Rebecca Hassoun Welch, M.

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