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Probably the biggest waste of the episode was everything Bobby. But we still need to talk about the final fight! It was a good thing he came back, though; since he'd once served as a condo for all the Leviathans, he was the only person who could tell the real Dick apart from the clones made from the original non-Leviathaned Dick Roman's severed arm. There was lots of extraneous stuff in this episode, guys.

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Fizzles the sock puppet! Castiel also returned, though his mind was mostly on lipstick-wearing monkeys. Doesn't this place feel one species short? There was a huge opportunity to achieve that with Bobby's farewell, but the show was too busy shooing him off stage to capitalize on it. Booze would've been a good thing to have on hand for "Survival of the Fittest," a disjointed hour of television that threw everything at us kind of like Season 7 as a whole! But because Supernatural was renewed for an eighth season, we needed to leave on some sort of cliffhanger.

Everywhere Dicks

Supernatural Season 7 Power Rankings Dicks everywhere of the Fittest" cleaned up the mess of Season eferywhere by wrapping up the Leviathan storyline, and gave us a hint everywhefe what's to come in Season 8. They found him in a room, Everywhwre gave the thumbs up that it was actually the real Dick, Dean stabbed him with the Dick Stabber, except it was a fake Dick Stabber, but then he stabbed him with the real Dick Stabber. But that's not to say it didn't have its entertaining moments, because the finale hit that sweet spot where humor and horror have babies, something Supernatural does better than any other show right now.

Pre-Upfronts news was breaking all around me late last week and this week, and that occupied all of my life for several days. It went something like this:

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