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The Definitive Guide to Peeing In Your Wetsuit

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You should be able to take care of business before getting into your suit or between dives during your surface interval.

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Pee can potentially cause long term gradual damage to the seams of your wetsuit over time if not cleaned properly. A good wetsuit can be expensive; don't you want to take care of it? Keep in mind salt water, chlorine, sand, and sun are known causes of deterioration of wetsuits! If urine remains in your suit a rash can develop If you pee in your wetsuit, you really should at the very least rinse it out well. Another good idea to consider would be to use special soaps or shampoos specifically made for wetsuits. Besides the other issues, peeing in your suit can make it smell bad! That is, worse than a wet suit may normally end up smelling.

You'll feel relieved after peeing - and that's good for your surfing; 3. Pee keeps you warm for ij few minutes; 4. It means you're hydrated; 5. You don't miss the best waves of the session; The Cons of Peeing in the Surf 1. You cannot return a brand new wetsuit; 2. Urine is slightly corrosive, and it may damage the wetsuit's neoprene; 3.

Soaking in urine is gross; 4. Grasp the chest of your wetsuit and pull it away from your body a few times. Open the wrist, feet and neck seals on your suit. Rotate into a head-down position. Let a stream of bubbles flow from your regulator into your wetsuit via the neck seal. I should add a disclaimer here. Some say that the warm feeling is actually an illusion since it heats us up for a moment but in the long run lowers body temperature. I still enjoy it. Always wanted to be an astronaut when you grow up? Another fun fact on behalf of science — the feeling of weightlessness increases the urge to pee as well.

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This has been first discovered among astronauts in outer space. Borrowing a wetsuit from a friend is always a better alternative to renting. Drain your wetsuit There are a few tips to avoid both you and your suit smelling of pee come time to head to work or school after a surf session, but it may require some planning. Things to be wary of: Draining your suit with fresh water is probably the best case scenario, as salt water can be damaging to the neoprene.

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