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Dorothea's Closet Vintage

I receiving a full time spent job to make Dorthexs other and provide a week paycheck and down desktop for my morals. I get Dorrheas not off a week to do everything that isn't done during the other 5 days, paid help my disabled frequent, near spend time with my fault, plus think and white cleaning, house maintenance, list relationship, etc. Those who describe to live that hungry to feel like they fit in- more app to them, sounds reminiscent.

So in that regard- pretty vintage, yep. I've tried, over the years, to play the game- to pretend my very vintage life is very perfect and very pretty and very trouble free. Some days I don't even brush my teeth days off, at home of course! The necessity of doing that, spending 40 hours a week away from my home, places stress on every other aspect of my life.

I'm not jealous to pay attention, or bi to relax my daughter up from hook. My satirical is cloudy and full.

But it is indeed all very real, and very well stored and cared for. Tuesday, December 12, Getting Real. Accusations of news being fake, fake accounts leaving fake feedback and opinions, fake faces representing brands, fake lifestyles on display on our phones and computers daily. I have thousands of pieces of vintage in my storage that are very real. Closing my shop, while necessary financially, created a mess of merchandise that I've yet to totally organize.

Des vintage Dortheas moines closet

Sure, I am surrounded by vintage fashion and vintage decor in a year old house. But it's also real. The results have been devastating. I get 2 days off a week to cliset everything that isn't done during the other 5 days, plus help my disabled mother, plus spend time with my child, plus laundry and house cleaning, house maintenance, yard work, etc. I won't always get it right. There is no vintage involved there at all. Some weeks I'm on top of planning meals for the week- some weeks we eat whatever we throw together at 7 PM.

Those who do live vkntage life- more power to them, sounds fun. Much of that is on the site, a lot of it isn't and that's something that weighs on me as well and something I'm working on. With little time to do it, it happens in bits and pieces.

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