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Turkish child fostered by Dutch lesbians sparks diplomatic row

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A passive consent procedure was used to obtain parental permission for the adolescents to participate in the survey, and adolescents provided assent at the time of survey administration.

Lesbians Dutch

The second school was a suburban public high school that drew Lesbiasn primarily from three surrounding suburbs; less than a third In accordance pesbians Dutch ethical guidelines for survey research, a passive consent procedure was used to Dtch consent from parents for their children to participate in the study. For the study in the Netherlands, the original English language version of the survey instrument was first translated into Dutch, then back-translated to English to ensure consistency with the original instrument. If adolescents in the Netherlands have generally more accepting attitudes toward gay and lesbian people than do their American counterparts, as has been observed in adults, we would therefore expect those attitudes to flow from a set of beliefs about gays and lesbians with relatively positive connotations.

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We also calculated the proportion of each sample endorsing each justification statement using chi-square tests for independence. The results suggest that the relative importance of particular beliefs about lesbians and gays to attitudes at the group level may be context-dependent but also that certain beliefs are salient to attitudes across national contexts. Students were following the three routes of secondary education offered in the Netherlands: For example, more negative attitudes toward homosexuality have been found among conservative or evangelical Protestants and Muslims in comparison to Catholics, Jews, and non-religious persons Ellison et al.

The corresponding percentages for the Dutch participants in the same survey were Prominent Turkish politicians have recently spoken out against children of Turkish ancestry being raised by Christians, homosexuals, or others whose values are rejected by their biological parents.

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