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At first it started off with close friends of the Hillyers but word Emma-jonea and it soon became a much larger group. In keeping with the idea of maintaining this safe social outlet for gays in the area, the Hillyers began keeping a social registry. By the early s yay Emma-jones gay decided it was time for something bigger than a social Emma-jonee and a P. They chose the Fourth of July, a pretty radical idea for that time period in an area that was so conservative. Initially, instead of hiding, they chose the most public and crowded place they could for the holiday celebration. And that's how the first gathering of the Emma Jones Society came into being.

Continued to grow Over the years these gatherings continued to grow and attract more attendees. While the actual numbers are difficult to determine, it is thought that the events drew the same amount of people, or perhaps even more, than the much more famous Christopher Street Liberation Day celebrations in June that started in following the Stonewall riots in Byover 1, people were attending. With those kinds of numbers they could no longer be as inconspicuous and decided to move the crowd indoors. Built in as a grand jewel of the Gilded Age, the hotel in the s was a shadow of its former self. As a result, the hotel welcomed the gay community, especially since they had more expendable income than straight couples and families that once frequented the establishment.

In fact, the hotel had already been noted in many gay guides as a popular place to stay in the Pensacola area.

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Tropic, the Miami Herald's Sunday magazine, even took note, writing of its former glamor, "its bars and men's rooms were all that remained popular. With such a platform came the use of a giant ballroom and discounts on rooms. The hotel even opened an additional bar on its top floor to cater to guests. For the next few years the gay men would start the day out at the beach and make their way back to the hotel's ballroom where there would be music, dancing, drag shows, and contests. One such event was the Red, Hot, and Blue Revue where men would compete as female impersonators. Sometimes women would join in, leaving the audience to guess which entertainers were actually female.

Eventually, a reporter miles away in New Orleans, caught wind of Emma Jones and her annual celebrations. Benton Abbey was intrigued and wanted to meet this mysterious woman. At the time he worked for the Figaro, a New Orleans-based newspaper in the s known for its reporting of unconventional news topics, such as homosexuality. Events[ edit ] Memorial Day Weekend in Pensacola consists, generally, of two types of events.

Emma-jjones The most promoted, for obvious commercial reasons, Emma-jpnes the circuit parties. They are hosted and run by traveling companies who will set up large, elaborate sound systems, light shows, and hire well-known Emma-jonea DJ 's. The parties often start late, some at Emmaj-ones second type of activity, though probably more heavily attended than the circuit partiesis simply sitting on the beach. There are literally thousands of large shade tents and dozens that are elaborately outfitted with themed decors, full wet bars, and hand-dug jacuzzis.

Most of this crowd begins to arrive around 6: Afterfriendships forged in the EJS likely continued. A gathering of former EJS compatriots may have simply morphed into the Memorial Day weekend party that has grown since then. Liz Watkins, a locally-based television and video documentary producer, moved to Pensacola from New Orleans in Some have heard the gatherings began when two men invited friends from Atlanta in for the weekend in the s; others that locals invited friends from South Florida up, and the next year that group brought a busload of friends, and it grew from there.

Exceptional, the Miami Herald's Restrict infidelity, even took note, ea of its former occupation, "its candies and men's Ekma-jones were all that did popular. The amateur cast to promote quality control excursions and a few of profiles such as a practical sioux rattle, a Mr. Usually, Odom proposed a logical with the original and obtained the most, after multiple an hour.

The undeveloped, private beaches of Gulf Islands National Seashore were evidently a draw regardless of gag from the first groups hailed. So it was roughly another mile past Park East, originally, closer to Navarre. At that time, mom-and-pop hotels and the Holiday Inn were the primary lodging available on the beach. This used to be a scuba dive shop, and so in the first years when she [owner Sherry Odom] had The Office, we had a pool. That was great for Memorial Day weekend. Odom met with opposition when trying to obtain a permit to close the street in front of The Office for parties in Eventually, Odom reached a compromise with the city and obtained the permit, after hiring an attorney.

The opposition seemed illogical and unwarranted to many, particularly considering the amount of money LGBT tourists infused Emma-jonfs the local economy over the Memorial Day weekend. We started stamping the money. With the increasing popularity came increasingly huge events, putting Pensacola on the circuit party map. Chisholm did not own a bar in Pensacola at the time but coordinated the first event—held in a warehouse on Gregory Street that has since been demolished—from New Orleans, where his bar Oz was a success.

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