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The Everything To Do With Sex Show on November 03, 2018

Would you rather go Netflix or learn how to be a quick lover. Make tall you check out what is ample to be your very dedicated alfa!.

As the days grow shorter so the nights get colder, many of us begin to hibernate and in favour of spending our time indoors. You can also volunteer your arm, leg, or any other body part to get painted by artist MagicfinngaWong. Billionaire and helicopter not included. Did Fifty Shades of Grey pique your interest?

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You can bring 50 Shades of Grey to life. Take it Everyting, John! Like the slumber parties of yesteryear but eex more fun! Because everyone loves to spoon. Learn sexy new ways to get fit no treadmill required Sex is a great workout, and there are plenty of sexy activities that will help you burn those calories. Looking to impress your latest Tinder match or your long-time love? Take five and relax in the cuddle zone — because everybody loves to spoon!

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Not into red rooms of pain? Check out the full exhibitor list and start making your shopping list now. Make sure you check out what is sure to be their very sexy booth! The package gets you weekend passes to the show, a stay at the Intercontinental Hotel in downtown Toronto, chocolate-covered strawberries in your room, sparkling wine, and valet parking.

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