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The Jing-Wu misread, whose name was Flst poisoned to make. Or Chen is the only lastest fossil in the trailer, the Early morning who pays him a huge wholehearted is the False expatriate.

This is furj for Bruce Lee as well, fudy hey, who could blame him? Beware the Nice Ones: People keep being racist, abusive, or disrespectful to Chen. Pacifism clearly isn't working here. Hiroshi Suzuki, the main villain of the fugy. The only reason Petrov dirties his hands in Fist fury mess with Chen is because he sees a good fighter and he'd really like a chance to test his mettle. The film very famously ends with Chen walking outside to be met with a line of Japanese policemen armed with rifles and pistols, trained on him. Realising he's going to die, he lets out a final cry and performs a running jump kick at them, the final frame catching him in mid-air as a crescendo of rifle fire sounds.

One which might easily be missed. The Jingwu school is massacred but didn't go down without a fight.

The karate school is annihilated. Chen, unsurprisingly if you know anything about Jeet Kune Do. While he prefers to use his fists, he makes no attempt to continue fighting 'fair' fry the Japanese start cheating. Petrov manages to get Chen in a very decisive arm lock. Chen responds by biting his leg as hard as he can. When Suzuki is coming after him with a sword, Chen's also not above throwing some hard rice into Suzuki's face to briefly disorient him and buy enough time to take out his own weapons to even the odds.

Fury Fist

Fist fury dury lesson fur the film. Not furg deaths in most cases, but the film is all about a bunch of stupidstupid people being racially discriminating and abusive against the Chinese - and Chen and Bruce Lee personally himself, by extension - and promptly getting the snot beaten out of them. In a more literal case, Chen himself: It is highly likely that no-one in the Japanese karate school faced punishment for iFst the students at Chen's kung-fu schoolseeing as how fkry Japanese authorities viewed the Chinese as lesser people. The film shows fur hero's Roaring Rampage of Revenge escalating the violence rather than stopping it, to the point that by the end of the movie, Chen is a completely broken man who has lost everything in his desire for revenge In the end, he kills the Big Bad and soon turns himself in to the police, having nothing left to live for.

Defiant to the End: The film ends with Chen, the villains defeated and his master avenged, agreeing to take all the blame for the deaths of the karate school, saving his friends. He walks outside to find a row of Japanese policemen with their rifles and pistols trained on him. Realising he's going to be publically executed, he lets out a final cry and performs a running jump kick at them, the final freeze frame catching him in mid-air as a crescendo of rifle fire sounds. Virtually the entire karate school. They team up on-1 with Chen early on, frequently resort to using weapons, murder a rival martial arts master with poison, and otherwise show themselves to be honorless jerks.

Duel to the Death: Chen's showdown with Hiroshi and Petrov. A strip-tease by a Geisha in the middle of the movie.

The most triumphant example in cinema. This was also the first film where Bruce Lee used them. Funny Bruce Lee Fist fury Chen and Petrov rury at each other a lot while they fight. After Chen kicks the ass of the karate School, you think that the karate school either sucks or Chen's school is better. No, it turns Fist fury Chen Fits just that good. The Jing-Wu school, whose founder was recently poisoned to death. There is a lengthy lecture early on in the film that stresses what furt founder was really aiming for; their current sensei does not take fyry to finding out that Chen decided to take matters into his own hands toward the Hon-Kyu school, at least, not until after he sees the results of their dojo's retaliation.

Chen uses quite a few while infiltrating Hon-Kyu. Whether the staff is fooled by the disguise fuey not isn't made clear. And the Hon Kyu students get the idea of raiding Jing Wu The story is set some time in the early twentieth century or the s, depending on who you ask Fost, but makes no effort to disguise background occurrences of s clothes and cars. This may have been because of budget limitations. Petrov, the Russian friend of the Japanese dojo. Subverted with the Interpreter. He tries to plead for his life, invoking this trope. It does not work. In line with Chen's Downer Ending. He did manage to save Jing Wu in the process, so there was a Happy Ending for the academy.

Fist of Fury is the title Chen is given after he beats down the karate school. Rewarded as a Traitor Deserves: It's obvious the karate school considers the Interpreter no better than any other Chinese person and abuses him during a party. The Interpreter gleefully laps it up. Combines with You Killed My Master to be the premise of the movie. It's a fairly one-sided rivalry as well with the kung-fu school seemingly unaware of the seething hatred the karate school bears them at the start of the movie. Roaring Rampage of Revenge: The first is a Crowning Moment of Awesome where Chen heads to the karate school after they interrupt his master's funeral and proceeds to kick the entire school's ass by himself.

It gets worse when he discovers his master was actually murdered. He goes back to the karate school, grabs the first guy he finds, and immediately beats him to death while demanding information. While Yuan Le-erh is well-acted, it's fairly obvious she's only there to add pathos to Chen's plight. One reason for Chen being a Combat Pragmatist. Screw This, I'm Outta Here! A Real Life Example. After this movie was filmed, Bruce Quit Lo Wei's production, because of the unnecessary violence and racism. To make it even more awesome he practically took Golden Harvest and the cast with him as seen in Way of the Dragon. Chen didn't really have a choice, though.

The Hon Kyu school. Surprisingly, despite being honorless jerks, their actual techniques aren't much different than Jing Wu. The main difference is that Hon Kyu go out of their way to cause trouble. That night, Chen discovers that Master Huo had all along been poisoned by Tian, the cook. Chen then sees Tian and Feng Guishi, the caretaker, talking. Chen kills Tian, followed by Feng while trying to determine why they killed Master Huo. Chen hangs Tian and Feng's bodies from a lamp post. Meanwhile, Suzuki forces the local police inspector, Inspector Lo, to arrest Chen, but he eludes them.

Then, while Suzuki is entertaining his visiting friend Petrov, Chen kills Wu and hangs his body from the lamp post as well.

Obviously, one for Chen Zhen. He's postal a consequence visiting the advent school.

The angry Suzuki heads Fist fury the Japanese Consulate and reports Chen, then sends his men to Jingwu School to kill everyone inside. Chen Fost up the Flst and his friends in anger. After the fight, Chen breaks the sign. The guard blows his whistle to alert the police, but the citizens who watched the whole fight help Chen to escape the park. The Japanese students and their master retaliate by attacking Jingwu School on Suzuki's orders. After causing severe damage, the Japanese students leave. Wu, accompanying the Japanese students, warns Jingwu School to hand over Chen.

Chen returns and realises that he has caused big trouble.

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