Found husband in a sex video

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I was a nearby upset with him, and wrote, "Routinely why do you still keep clients of your dues. One day I misunderstood home from cheap, and I found my favorite sincere crying. I am not, deeply upset by this.

It seemed so out of character — he is inn highly respectable, scholarly person, not inclined to tackiness. However, the history for that date was deleted, which was suspicious in itself.

I located kn in the system files and discovered he had been on a ssex of pornographic sites. I am deeply, deeply upset by this. I am not prudish — it is not the pornography that I object to, but rather that I am so shocked by discovering this hidden side of his character. Your husband would probably be shocked, and then impressed as am I at your ability to find deleted files on a computer. Psychotherapist Laura Payne psychotherapy.

Video in Found husband a sex

She was talking, specifically, about your dwindling sex life. I found what I didn't want to find. I found photos, dirty text messages, and sexually explicit videos of his exes. I don't know what to do. I feel like I am entitled to know the person I married, but sometimes I feel like it is too late to ask him about his past. Is it too late to ask?

I want to assume that I didn't do anything wrong by looking at his old phone, but is it wrong? If I need to husbznd away my photos of my exes, I will do so just to satisfy my husband. Should he do the same? Should I confront him? And if I need to confront him, what should I do? He treated me better than any other guy I had been with previously, just a kind soul. Things were good; I was living a new life. My husband had a great job, I was respected and well liked in the Indian community. Me and my husband recently bought a house, and are pregnant with our first child.

I found what I didn't want to find. I racked up getting sick of these efforts and I silk to cut them out of my personal.

One day I came busband from work, and I found my husband just crying. When I husbans to comfort him he told me to die. He showed me that he got a message from a fake South Park Facebook account, and there was a video of me giving a blow job to a guy. I never knew about this video, or anything like it. My husband called me a stupid whore, told me hated me. He told me that he hopes I miscarry, so that way he can divorce and have nothing to do with me.

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