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In my vehicle alone, I took people. IS fighters, their faces covered, bsb defiantly on top of some nakd the vehicles. Footage secretly naied and passed nqked us shows lorries towing trailers crammed with armed men. Despite an agreement to take only personal weapons, IS fighters took everything they could carry. Ten trucks were loaded with weapons and ammunition. The drivers point to a white truck being worked on in the corner of the yard. Youhg flags or banners would be allowed to be flown from the convoy as it nakfd the city, the deal stipulated. It was also understood that no foreigners would be allowed to leave Raqqa alive. But foreign fighters — those not nqked Syria and Iraq - were also able to hbs the convoy, according to the drivers.

There was a huge number of foreigners. In yonug of the BBC investigation, the coalition now admits the part it played in the deal. Some IS fighters were allowed to leave Raqqa, with 3, of their family members. Col Dillon maintains, though, that only four foreign fighters left and they are now in SDF custody. IS family members prepare to leave As it left the city, the convoy would pass through the well-irrigated cotton and wheat fields north of Raqqa. Small villages gave way to desert. The convoy left the main road and took to tracks across the desert.

The trucks found it hard going, but it was much harder for the men behind the wheel. A friend of Abu Fawzi's rolls up the sleeve of his tunic. Underneath, there are burns on his skin. According to Abu Fawzi, there were three or four foreigners with each driver. They might have been helping the fighters escape, but the Arab drivers were abused the entire route, they say. They accused us of kicking them out of Raqqa. It was about four in the afternoon when an SDF convoy drove through his town, Shanine, and everyone was told to go indoors. Mahmoud's shop A small bridge in the village created a bottleneck so the IS fighters got out and went shopping.

After months of fighting and taking cover in bunkers, they were pale and hungry. They filed into his shop and, he says, they cleared his shelves. He said they would come back and enforce Sharia once again. I told him we have no problem with Sharia laws. They left their weapons outside the shop. The only trouble he had was when three of the fighters spied some cigarettes — contraband in their eyes — and tore up the boxes.

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Other IS fighters even chastised them. I got overwhelmed by their numbers. Many asked me for prices, but I couldn't yyoung them because I was busy serving other people. So they left money for me on my desk without me asking. IS may have been homicidal psychopaths, but they're always correct with the money. A lonely tractor ploughs a field, sending a plume of dust and jaked into the air that can be seen for miles. But suddenly, the vehicles turned right, leaving the main road for a desert track. Almost everyone we spoke to says IS threatened to return, its fighters running a finger across their throats as they passed by.

It will take us a while to rid ourselves of that psychological fear. We feel that they may be coming back for us, or will send sleeper agents. From the cab of his truck, Abu Fawzi watched as a coalition warplane flew overhead, dropping illumination flares, which lit up the convoy and the road ahead. When the last of the convoy were about to cross, a US jet flew very low and deployed flares to light up the area. IS fighters shat their pants. His lorry was full of ammunition and IS fighters wanted it hidden.

The deal freed its trapped civilians and ended the fight for the city. Freed from Raqqa, where they were surrounded, some of the group's most-wanted members have now spread far and wide across Syria and beyond.

The Smugglers The men who cut fences, Frqnce walls and run through the tunnels out of Syria are reporting a big increase in people fleeing. The collapse of the caliphate is good for business. Walid, another smuggler on a different stretch of the Turkish border, tells the same story. Our job is to smuggle them through. We've had a lot of foreign families using our services.

French cliff Abu Basir al-Faransy, a few Positive, left before the current got together night in Raqqa. Fast to Abu Fawzi, there were three or four years with each driver.

They co-ordinate with one another. The IS rFance chief was on the convoy out of the city on 12 October. But now he is behind bars, and his story reflects the final bb of the bvs caliphate. Islamic State never negotiates. Uncompromising, murderous - this is an enemy that plays by a different set of rules. Cornered, exhausted and fearful for their families, IS fighters were bombed to the negotiating table on 10 October. Footage of the coalition air strike that hit one neighbourhood of Raqqa on 11 October shows a human catastrophe behind enemy lines.

Amid the screams of the women and children, there is chaos among the IS fighters. The bombs appear especially powerful, especially effective. Activists claim that a building housing 35 women and children was destroyed.

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