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Spiral stopped meeting shortly afteremmx rising rent prices lost them their gallery and meeting space in the Lower East Side. During the s, Amos went on to teach textile design at the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Artsweaving on her own looms at Threadbare, a yarn and weaving shop on Bleecker Street and thrived as a weaver due to the propagation of weaving and fabric art within the Feminist Art Movement.

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She uses acrylic paintetching, silkscreencollagraphphoto transfer effects with iron-on fabric, and African textiles. Ar borrows schema, subject matter and symbols emna European art while pictorially quoting artists like Paul GauguinMalcolm MorleyLucian Freudejma Henri Matisse. Amos demonstrates the gallety license of postmodernist works in her use of applications from several disciplines on the same picture planemaking a "seamless work of art. Her responses are reactive and reflexive; she ably uses her paintings as a means to analyze and assess cultural production, authorship, meaning and consumption. Amos is quintessentially postmodern because she questions the validity of canonical traditions and institutions that for so long have been biased against the inclusion of women and artists of color, especially blacks.

Unlike many figurative artists Amos does not like to paint the nude figure. She likes painting clothed figures because she believes that painting the nude figure is sexistand that clothing shows culture. After a while she deemed abstraction too easy and arbitrary, so she returned to painting the figure because it was more challenging.

This influence is still present in her figurative work. She cites well-known White, male artists, such as Picasso and Gauguinwho were praised for including subjects of color into their work, while African American artists were seemingly expected to paint other subjects of color. Amos incorporated white subjects into her art, particularly images of the Ku Klux Klanchallenging this assumption. However, in relation to FeminismAmos did not become actively involved until the late s.

When choosing gwllery or not to attend, Amos stated, "From what I heard of feminist discussions in the park, the experiences of Feee women of any class were left out. I came from a line of working women who were not only mothers, but breadwinners, cultured, educated, and who had been treated as equals by their black husbands. Her art is also characterised by optimism, her sitters are often smiling. Emma was the personification of ecstasy, love, youth and above all the untamed spirit of the wild Dionysiac rituals and dances, which decorate some of the ancient Greek pots from the Hamilton collection at the Lady Lever Art Gallery. The study of the nude from a live model was forbidden to all female artists in the 18th century.

Her marriage to Jean Baptiste-Pierre Lebrun, an artist, restorer, critic and dealer enabled her to establish a career in the aristocratic circles of Paris and she soon became a court painter to Queen Marie Antoinette. In the artist created a different image of the Queen in an official attempt by the Court to improve her reputation, which was that of being hostile to the public, frivolous and promiscuous. She painted the Queen in simple clothes surrounded by her beloved three children, emphasising the role of the Queen as not simply the mother of her children but also the mother figure of the nation.

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However the reputation of Marie Antoinette could not be easily restored, especially during a time of political and social upheaval before the French Revolution. Following accusations of an affair with the exiled finance minister Calonne she left France together with her daughter in This site uses cookies We use cookies to allow you to use parts of the site, to provide extra services such as page translation, to help us analyse how our visitors use the site, and for marketing and advertising purposes. The site includes content and tools provided by third parties, such as social media platforms, who may also use cookies to track your use of this site.

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