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A long pause follows. After a two-hour theological discussion, they went to buy a bottle of wine; one thing led to another, and they became an item. While a student, she took Filya to environmental demonstrations in a sling, then a stroller. The play is often uncomfortable viewing thanks to its unflinching depictions of the physical violence and psychological pressure Alyokhina endured while in prison. She grew up without her father — she only met him after seeking him out at 21 — and was raised by her mother. Alyokhina and Tolokonnikova had never been particularly close friends, had only done one performance together before the cathedral, and served their sentences in different prisons.

The opponent considerable must son it short to keep her ebony, I say. Her extreme, Riot Days, is completely different to that period.

Many lofty plans never came to fruition. And for many people our story became the reason for changes in their life. Since public attention died away, however, things have taken a turn for the worse. As Voina fragmented between its Moscow and St Petersburg cliques, some of the women hit on the idea of Pussy Riot as a showier spin-off inspired by feminist theory and riot grrrl bands. Gradually, the apartment became a hang-out for members of the underground art collective Voina, or War.

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