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11 Fun Christian Games for Adults

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Divide the group up into two teams.

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The pianist chrjstmas play the song without singing the words. The first group to guess the most christmss hymns will win the game. To make chirch game more challenging, try starting the song in the middle of a verse. Here is a great list of popular hymn albums Bible Scene Break the group up into small teams, and have each team choose a scene from the Bible that they would like to re-enact. Allow the teams enough time to put their scene together and choose who will play each role. Have a large chest of costumes and props available for the teams to use.

This will add to the fun of the game and make the scenes more interesting. Offer the winning team a prize.

World Card Toss That game is fun because the sharks never seem to go where you send churcb to. Terrain Bingo One is similar to the burny Bingo thematic, but instead of replying numbers on the Slut wants, use services or thousands from the U. The next hour has to come up with a typical from the Secret whose name articles with the last comment of the surely trying Bible prenatal.

This christ,as a great game to end the retreat with since the group members will be comfortable with each other by then and chrlstmas is a memorable way to finish off their time there. In Summary A majority of people who attend a Christmae retreat rave about how good of a time they had learning more about themselves, their fod, and fellow church members. This is due in large cnurch to the Christian games for adults that are played at these retreats. These games for adults are not only fun, but also educational dhurch inspirational. You could use the same list for the first charades game, but play Catchphrase with it. You could play it like the charades games, or you could all sit in a circle and have every other person be on the same team boys vs.

Then you can just pass the bowl around. Whoever has the bowl draws one out and has to describe what's on the piece of paper without saying the words on it and without using motions. Once it's guessed, the person passes the bowl clockwise. If you play that way you can set a time limit of a minute and a half or however long you want to play before the person holding the bowl has to stop. A kitchen timer would work nicely. Whichever team is NOT holding the bowl when the timer goes off get's 1 point. Dirty Santa This is a classic game that most people know but may call it by a different name.

This definitely takes some prior planning and you have to let everyone know about it when you invite them to the party. We play this every year at Jordan's annual Christmas party and at his grandma's house on Christmas Eve.

Gqmes when we play this it's called "White Elephant Dirty Santa" which means people can bring awful gifts or funny gifts. I unwrapped batteries when chkrch at church. To play the game, you count how many people are participating and make that many numbers to put in a bowl. Each team stands side-by-side and the hands of each team member closest to their partner are tied together. Give each team a box, wrapping paper, ribbon, scissors, and tape. Using only their free hand, the team members wrap the package and tie it with a bow. The team wrapping the package correctly in the fastest time wins. Right said his left hand was hurting.

As the story is read: Participants stand in a circle, each holding a small wrapped gift — either small gifts that each person has brought or wrapped party favors. When the story is done, the player gets to keep the gift he or she is holding. Set the prize in the center of the room and ask participants to gather around it. If the first person rolls anything but a six, she passes the die to the person on her left. If she rolls a six, she puts on the hat and gloves and begins opening the prize one layer at a time. The next person who rolls a six takes the hat and gloves and continues unwrapping. The person who unwraps the last layer keeps the prize.

Burst the Balloon For this Christmas party game, divide the group into two teams. The last team with an un-popped balloon wins. Christmas games that are gamea of games that children are familiar with can be particularly successful. Secret Santa Ask each guest to bring a small, wrapped gift and place it on a table at the party. Each child pulls a number out of a hat until everyone has a number. The child with No. This goes on until all the guests have received a gift.

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