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I find the Internet via my website www. Overall though, Gamw Internet is a must in my opinion. Once you get known throughout the industry as having quality animals, you may find it hard to keep an inventory as has happened to me.

I have not found any that are inclusive in all aspects of this industry. Harry Jacobson and found both to be of good help. Networking with other deer farmers at state and national meetings or on farm tours has also been beneficial. Part of my service, when deer are purchased from my farm, is to assist in any way I can to ensure your success. I have also made this service available in the form of a consulting service to those in need.

Prices Game deer farm whitetail adult

What kind of diseases do deer get? Whitetail deer for the most part are hardy animals with few health problems. For the most part, these 3 diseases are not found to be a problem with farmed deer. I have successfully treated pneumonia with drugs like Micotil or NuFlor. MCF or Malignant Cataral Fever usually is given to deer by sheep and goats in close proximity of the deer. EHD is mostly fatal to animals from the northern climates, in which this disease is not present, moved to the south. How are deer handled and transported? With a few modifications deer can be transported safely in most stock trailers.

The key is to make the transport vehicle as dark as possible to keep the deer calm. This is one area I would not recommend going cheap as many a prized animal have been lost using inferior systems. Witnessing any system in operation with live animals prior to purchase is a must do. So why is darting so hard on whitetail deer? Handling large numbers of whitetail deer via the darting or tranquilizing method is not only very costly, there are many avenues during the process to make errors and in turn costing animals.

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I have 3 different darting systems in my arsenal and find them important tools used wisely. Most problems with darting are as a result of poor shot placements, overheating of the animal chasing it around the pen to dart it or using the wrong dosage of drugs. This is also one area where consulting with a professional deer farmer is very helpful. What about visiting some deer farms in my area prior to starting? This is a must do for anyone thinking of getting into Game farm adult whitetail deer prices deer business. Most deer farmers welcome farm tours and not all deer farmers look at adukt tours peices sales presentations on their stock.

Most serious farmers understand the need for new farmers entering the business and for those new farmers to be given information to become successful. What kind of genetics should I start with? This industry is based on one thing — antler whifetail. You should considering purchasing the very best your budget will allow. The top dollar goes to those genetics in which have whitetaip inheritability to future generations. You want seer look at your investment, aGme inventory having a resale value down the road so be very observant of market trends for genetic lines. What do you feed? I feed a special sweet feed mix formulated by a friend of mine who spends a lot of time researching deer feed.

Since deer adapt well to most terrain, acreage suitable for deer farming may be relatively inexpensive. On one prime acre of land, you may accommodate adult whitetail deer, adult fallow deer, adult red deer, axis deer and elk. However, keeping the number of animals per acre to a minimum reduces stress on the animals. You may find it will be more cost-effective in the long run to spread your animals out, in order to maintain the plant densities that will keep a pasture healthy and able to regenerate the following spring. In developing the farm site, an important factor is a steady and reliable source of clean water. These paths can help to create an overall plan regarding runways for movement of stock, breeding paddocks, fawning areas and a centrally located handling facility to which stock an reasonably be moved form your special use areas.

Fencing Choose hi-tensile fence designed specifically for deer or game. Small squares or rectangles in the fencing near ground level will accomplish much in the way of predator control year-round and help contain inquisitive youngsters in the spring. An outer covering of shad cloth, plastic or wooden snow fence or other visual barrier is a valuable tool in further securing your livestock. Corner and end posts are usually of greater diameter than line posts. Use quality gates for perimeter fence openings, including a pedestrian walk-through. Eight foot fence is normally adequate for containing most species of farmed deer; however, check with your state for special regulations that may apply.

Building Pens Fence installation revolves around the posts that support it. Use high quality posts spaced closely enough to support the weight of the fence without sagging and galvanized fence staples to secure fencing. Work the fence from center to ends, creating a rubber band-like tension. This will reduce injury to livestock that come into contact with the fence. The performance of your fence depends on the proper construction of the braces you build to support it. Seek out the experts and heed their advice when building your fence. Cutting corners here can lead to disaster. Gateways should provide access suitable for passage of all necessary equipment.

Plan for shelters, feeders and water facilities.

Pricew is wise to consider food and water dispensation from outside the pen for personal safety during the whittail season. Build so that animals can be moved form one area or paddock to another without much handling or darting. Handling facilities often work best located centrally, and designed specifically for addult site. Tie everything together with fence corners and gate entries built to withstand any storm. Build Gaame sills and overheads for ease of opening in any weather. Also, consider height wihtetail overheads to deeer vehicles for heavy construction, plow snow and deliver bulk feed. Audlt Protein, energy, vitamins and minerals are important to the deer diet.

As far as proteins and energy are concerned, the owner should supplement feed if the whitetial does defr supply enough nutrients. Nutritional requirements of deer should be considered on a seasonal pricee since dee change based on gestation, lactation, antler growth and the available nutrients on your farm. Adulg Program Good nutrition is required to maximize conception rates and improve weaning percentages. Weather permitting, deer will receive most of their nutrients from dedr pasture. However, during the colder months, dry matter will need to be added. There are many compound pelleted feeds on the market today which will sustain your hear along with browse, grasses and legumes.

Protein is an important part of the deer diet and should be supplemented when forage is low in protein. Protein pellets may be mixed with corn for quick energy and feeding during cold periods. Deer will eat good quality alfalfa hay whenever supplemental feeding is necessary. Although the animals may have plenty of natural feed available going into winter, it is a good plan to begin supplemental feeding on a seasonal schedule. Even if one simply puts out a bit of corn, the animals need to become trained to feed annually. When winter storms come and cover available grass, it will be too late to educate the animals about the feed trough.

During winter storms, it is advisable to feed them two times a day, adding more corn. Corn gives quick energy and the feeding gets the animals up and moving around. These measures help survival during inclement weather. Females and their young create one herd, while adult males form their own. They may remain separate for most of the year, missing only during breeding season, or the rut. Handling Whether large or small, every deer operation should have some form of handling facility. This facility will possibly include runways, mazes, drop or squeeze chutes, and will require an enclosure adequate for holding in preparation for transport, observation during health testing periods or quarantine.

Those who do not build handling facilities must be prepared and trained to tranquilize their deer. Those who are not properly trained must be prepared to accept the potential morality associated with darting deer. If you establish a rotational grazing system, deer will rotate from pasture to pasture and can be led to the working chute with four wheelers, a feeding truck, or even a bucket of feed. If the breeder only needs a facility to vaccinate and accredit their animals, a simple layout and cattle chute is often effective.

However, if they plan to cut velvet or develop a genetics program with artificial insemination or ET, a more complex facility is recommended to manage the deer. Health Care Program For many, a difficult aspect of deer farming is finding a deer-oriented veterinarian. Since deer farming as a commercial industry is relatively new, many vets have had little or no training in the care of farm0raised deer. If deer farmers make good use of the information and literature available, they can easily assist any large animal veterinarian in dealing with the health care issues that arise. Work closely with your vet to keep abreast of necessary testing, de-worming practices and emergency procedures should your deer become ill or injured.

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