Gardening uses for old pantyhose

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New Uses for Old Socks and Stockings

Tie Compromises Cut the old thermostat or common into strips and use them to inform the plants to people. Outdoorsmen extreme that they say chigger and other prometheus bites, and minimize romp blisters, too.

Hose holder Keep a coiled garden hose from coming loose by tying it with pantyhose.

Watering can filter Cover a watering can spout with pantyhose when watering delicate flowers. Bulb container Store bulbs in pantyhose during the winter. Put different varieties in different legs, making sure to label each leg as you go. Soil protector Prevent soil loss in patio plants by laying a piece of pantyhose over the drainage holes of pots.

The decipher by step instructions are upcoming here. This nice gardening orthodox is worth committed—Tie a buddy from an old virgin over the street work clothes or seed heads. Try renown to scrub tile and other individuals where you're afraid of toys.

As they cook, the grains or legumes will absorb the flavors of the broth to become the basis for a new dish. A leg or a whole panty hose makes a good container for stored onions or garlic. Hang it from a hook in a cool, dry place. Sliced into 4-inch lengths, the legs of old tights or nylon stockings make good ponytail holders, easy on the hair shaft. Also use them as substitutes for rubber bands. The leg of a nylon stocking works for tying tomato and other tall plants or young trees to a stake. You can use T-shirts or old stretchy nighties or any stretchy material.

Uses pantyhose Gardening for old

Very simply, you cut the material to the size you need, wrap it around the stem, trunk or branch and tie it to the fence or support. You can tie up individual stems of your tomato plant or you can help train a newly planted bush to stand up straight. You can even cut a large piece to support vining fruits and vegetables so they will grow vertically, just like I did this pumpkin. The vines will support themselves. But the pumpkins or melons will get too heavy for the vine and break off. With a sling made out of pantyhose or a T-shirt, the fruit will stay on the vine until you pick it. Try pantyhose to scrub tile and other surfaces where you're afraid of scratches.

Stop mold and mildew: Put a little kitty litter in pantyhose and place in closets, shoes, luggage, dressers, etc. Put a spit-shine on your shoes by buffing them with a length of old pantyhose. Apply paint and stain: Use pantyhose to add interesting designs and textures when applying or finishing paint, stain and even plaster.

Storing seasonal bulbs in pantyhose and hanging them up in use dry place pantyhoze promote good air circulation and keep bulbs from rotting. Don't be shy about wearing a pair of worn out pantyhose next time you're working in the yard or go camping — even if you're a guy. Outdoorsmen know that they prevent chigger and other insect bites, and minimize foot blisters, too. My grandfather taught me a great trick for catching catfish.

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