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Now i kinda wanted to prove into this guy. Anyway it was too much, I could not dating back any longer.

He simply pumped his dick harder, looked straight at me with a cocky smile, then jerked his hips into the air, moaned "fuck yeah", shut his eyes and came. I knew I should walk away but I couldnt help it, I just kept stroking my dick. Finally my brother relaxed and look up at me again. Smirking, he said " looks like you got all excited watching me, Zach knew exactly what to do. Still sitting in my chair in my jock, he wrapped his arms around my ass and pulled my crotch close to his face.

Jocksraps for myself, I dont give what I save. I had never been trying off by a guy before, let alone my own house, yet it was very and more difficult than any girl that had grown me. Zach let out a cougar and wet his own.

He grabbed my shorts and pulled them down just jockstrals for my hard dick to plop out and wrapped his other hand brotherz my dick. To my surpise he pulled my cock to his mouth and started sucking me off. I had never been sucked off by a guy before, let alone my own brother, yet it was better and more exciting than any girl that had blown me. His head bobbing up and down on my hard 7" dick, his chain clinking against his broad chest.

I began to touch myself, moaning "yeah, yeah bro, suck it, suck my dick" He responded by forcing my dick deeper down his brothwrs, moaning softly. While sucking me off I noticed his own dick grow rock hard again, but he left it alone while his big hands caressed my thighs, ass and jodkstraps. I knew he beothers the feel of my silky shiny shorts and jersey still slightly damp from a rough practice. He slipped off the jockztraps and down to knees infront of me and continued sucking and slurping my cock without missing a beat.

It felt incredible and I grabbed my brother head jockstrapz forced my dick even farther down his throat saying "yeah, Zach, take my fucking dick, suck it bro It was so hot I was beginning to throb, reaching a climax. My brother must have sensed this because he stopped,letting my dick slide out of his mouth, looked up at me and said "Bro, I'm gonna fuck you" Too horny to care that i had never had sex with a guy and that this was my brother who wanted to fuck me, jockstdaps just said "Do it bro, before I change my mind". Immediately my brother stood up, grabbed my hips, turned me around and pushed Gay brothers jockstraps up against the wall.

Pressing his weight into me, he didnt bother pulling off my clothes or his jock, he just pressed his body into mine kissing my neck like a dawg, his hard cock pressing further into my ass. His Gy moved from my necked to my ear and he whispered "I'm gonna fuck you hard bro, so dont be a pussy Still pinning me, he jocksyraps into his hand and rubbed the spit jocistraps my asshole, then on his dick. I was a little scared having never been the one who was fucked, but trusted my brother despite his jockstarps. Zach slid his dick up and down my ass crack, a hot new feeling for me, but loving it, feeling his thick long cock slap around my ass.

Zach leaned in again and whispered, biting my ear lobe, "You want this bro? You want my dick? I uttered a cry of pain, shocked and in pain, i winced while my brother slid his cock farther up my ass and held it there. I began to struggle my ass still in pain, but my brother just leaned us both into the wall,wrapped his big arms around me, squeezing my body firmly into his. Slowly he began to pump his dick in my ass, in and out, in and out. My body exploxed with pleasure, my dick, hard, spilling over precum. Zach started kissing my neck again and his dick rammed my ass harder and harder.

I could feel his silver necklace with its heavy basketball pendant pressing into my back, his hands groping my chest over my damp jersey. I started to command" Yeah bro, come on, fuck me harder! I craned my neck to watch him, fucking me naked except for my jock, his tan muscles pulsating the rhythm of his cock pounding, sweat glistening all over his body, his heavy silver necklace bouncing over his pecs, hi face taut and intense, jaw thrust out, eyes sharp, focused on mine. He smirked and said insultingly "Yeah bro, you like that?

You like your fuckin older brother pounding your ass like this? This excited Zach and he just pounded harder than ever and pulled himself closer, throwing his chest onto my back, fucking like a mad dawg. My dick was throbbing, aching for releasing with each pound, waves of sensation soared through my body, making my cock drip with pre-cum. Suddenly it was too much, I could not hold back any longer. Zach reached around and grabbed my dick and started pumping it. I let out a loud moan and came, shooting cum all over the wall infront me and my jersey and shorts.

It was the most intense orgasm I had ever had in my life and to think, it was my brother who was fucking me so hard. Zach pulled his dick quickly and ordered me to turn around and get on my knees. I obeyed immediately eager to see him shoot his load all over me. It was awesome watching my muscular brother, sweat dripping down body, smelling like my ass jack off again, this time up close. He looked at me, smiled, and said "drop them! He then brought me over to the coach, dropped his speedo, and layed down. Before I go any farther I must say that I nearly blew my load when I saw his cock.

It was about 7. He then motioned me to get on to of him so I layed down on him, our cocks pressed against each other in between our horny bodies. We then explored each other for one of the best 30 seconds of my life before he decided to spin me around and start sucking me. I was in heaven and then I started to blow him too. He and I were enjoying our 69 when I suddenly pulled my dick away from his mouth saying that if we kept going I would cum. He said "OK, time for the best part. He spread my virgin cheeks with his hands, ran his cock up and down my crack a few times and then started to push in. Boy did that hurt at first, it felt like I was taking the biggest shit ever.

He got a little in then pulled out and let me relax, then he went right back in, this time farther though. He kept this up until I felt his balls hit mine.

He then reached around, gave my still hard dick a few tugs and said "ready? He started fucking me fast and hard, but god it felt so good. He then finished in me, we both collapsed on the sofa. After a few blissful minutes he said "your turn! Spread his cheeks, run my cock up and down his crack and then in a bit, out, in more, out until my whole cock was in. Then I went to fucking this perfect boy as hard as I could. Being my first time I didn't last very long but it was great. I too came in him.

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We then collapsed on the sofa again. Just when Brother was starting to recover his phone rang, it was his parents looking for him. I said that Ojckstraps had better get going to. We then promised to do this again, which we did, for the next two years any time we were at the same meet. We then said good bye. He was absolutely perfect, a beautiful specimen of boy. Great looks, muscles, caring, and of course, horny! The lips were soft and sensuous.

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