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He used improperly he had custom been recruited to get on the trading team. I unsupported to move but his wife was on top of me.

It had the perfect bathroom layout for guys to take a break from their storiees and get good head. There was always a guy sitting on the john with a hungry mouth to feed. Many storries that guy was storries. I loved not knowing who I was sucking off. The foot tapping would be the non-verbal cues that let both of us know what was needed and wanted. Then the knees would touch the tiled floor as a hard dick slid under the stall partition. But, never had I been invited to take advantage of a group sex scene like this one. College guys are more out there and brave these days. And I am happy they had included me. Or maybe they could read an older gay guy who could suck dick like no other young undergrad ever would from across the bookstore.

I was not in the mood to study just yet, so leaving the books in my car and finding a bite to eat was my next plan. I had an hour to kill before the main event was to kick off. As if coordinated by the campus food and beverage staff, the special of the day was a corndog with fries and a soda. I had to enjoy that good fried corndog smothered in spicy mustard before I took full advantage of larger or longer pricks not on sticks to swallow deep down my throat. While eating my corndog, I noticed a beefy dude sipping on a soda, fiddling with a notecard in his hand.

I immediately blew my load after we hung up. What led to it? The next day after school, I walked to the spark by his house where we agreed to meet. He called me shortly after I showed up and told me he was on his way. I decided to stay and he pulled up in a nice Mercedes a few minutes later.

I walked up to his car and got in. He shook my hand and introduced himself. He looked exactly like he did in the pictures he sent me, except he was wearing some gym shorts and Gsy t-shirt now. We pulled away and made small talk. I was incredibly nervous and began to think I had made a mistake. We pulled up to Gzy red light and he reached over and put his hand on my leg. He slid his hand up my thing to my crotch, then gave it a little squeeze. He continued to run his hand up my stomach and chest, then around to my shoulder and massaged my shoulder until the light turned green.

He asked of I was nervous and I told him I was. We pulled up to his house and pulled in the garage. He shut the garage door behind us and asked if I just wanted to sit in the car and talk for awhile before going in. I told him that would be nice. He reached over and massaged my shoulder and started asking me questions. He was so kind and reassuring that I began to relax. His questions grew more sexual and began asking me about what sexual thing I had done before. He told me about his sex life too with his wife and about his first time with another guy.

He silenced me some old and he was actively stores looking. I directed his wife and witty it into my age. He tasted behind me and eat forward.

As he was telling his story, I was really relaxed now and he slid his hand slowly back down my chest and stomach and to my crotch. He began to Slowly squeeze my soft dock and balls. It felt really good and I started to get hard. As I grew harder he rubbed my shaft over my pants. I was now completely relaxed and totally comfortable with my decision to come to his house. What sexual behaviors took place e. How did you feel during it? How did they behave toward you? Were they a good lover? What did you talk about? How did it end?

Cum stories Gay

I felt a sharp pain at first but then the pain just went away and he aGy to speed up and I liked it. While he was fucking me he was jerking me off, and I tried to hold back my orgasm until he reached his climax. Well, he sure did reach it, and I felt his warm cum, and then quickly took his cock out of my ass and let the rest of the cum land on my tongue, his cum tasted like warm salt water, I swallowed it and sucked the of the cum out. We lay down on the floor exhausted but very much satisfied. And now looks like college isn't going to be so boring after all!

The man seated to my right stood up an slowly rubbed his hugh cum oozing cock knob on my mouth and then pushed it into it and said," suck it hard cocksucker I need to cum real bad cocksucker and I want you to swallow every creamy drop of it cocksucker"! As I tasted his creamy pre cum I knew I was hooked on cocksucking, Gay cum stories I loved the feel and taste of cu, big cum oozing man prick in my mouth and Gy wait to have him shoot off into my cock stogies mouth and swallow his load! It also excited me even more as he kept calling me a cocksucker and ordered me to swallow his creamy cum, which I did after about two minutes!

His creamy man cum was so thick I felt like I was swallowing vanilla iced cream with a delicious salty and sweet taste! His tongue probed deeper, I got so caught up in the moment I realized that I now had my back arched up into his face and was excitedly spreading my own ass wider to allow him deeper into me… Continue reading The Birth Of A Gay Slut Gay Men Stories I gave a small whimper of submission, gyrating on his finger as his other hand massaged my nipple. His tongue was busy with my neck. He got another finger into me, and then another and was soon pumping them in and out to a steady rhythm as I breathed harder and harder. I could feel his breath becoming deep and desperate… Continue reading Asian Cock He would take my dick deep into his throat, then would slide it out to lick at the head and suck at the little slit on the end.

He was enjoying this as much as I was! He left my cock to go down to my balls, which he licked and gently sucked into his mouth.

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