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Please remember if you go into chatrooms, arrange to meet anyone - keep yourself safe and don't divulge any personal information.

As a result they may spend years of their life not being able to be themselves and express themselves in the way they would like to be and this can cause enormous distress and pain. Together with partners from a diverse range of human rights movements and networks, CREA works to advance the rights of women and girls, and the sexual and reproductive freedoms of all people. Some parents are fine with this and others do take time to accept and adjust - if you don't get the reaction you would like give your parents, family, friends, time - just as you may have been confused about your feelings - others may be confused about their feelings. Some people take longer to work out their feelings and if you are confused about your sexuality you need to give yourself time for your feelings to develop - there is no rush.

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Lined advocates for llnes social change through national and international fora, and provides training and learning opportunities to global activists and leaders through its Institutes. You don't need to label yourself or be pushed into any one direction - you need to do what feels right for you and in time you will know what feels right. Then call the sangini helpline for emotional support. We have also included agencies which provide help, information, advice and support to transsexuals, transvestites and anyone confused about gender issues.

Help lines Gay

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