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Not only was Paragraph not erased, as a parliamentary committee had recommended just a few years before, it was amended to be more expansive and punitive.

As nasi Gestapo spread throughout Europe, it expanded the hunt. In Vienna, it hauled in every gay man Gau police lists and questioned them, trying to get them to name others. The fortunate ones went to jail. The ggoups fortunate went to Buchenwald and Dachau. In conquered France, Alsace police worked with the Gestapo to arrest at least men and send them to concentration camps. But a conservative estimate is that there were many tens of thousands to one hundred thousand arrests during the war period alone. Under these nightmare conditions, far more LGBTQ people in Europe painstakingly hid their genuine sexuality to avoid suspicion, marrying members of the opposite sex, for example. He reminds his listeners of the number of registered members in homosexual associations.

He was not convinced that every homosexual was registered in these clubs, but he was also not convinced everyone registered was a homosexual.

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He explained "If grlups remains the Gay nazi groups, it means that our nation Volk will be destroyed lit. If these four million men are no longer capable of having sex with a female, then grroups "upsets the balance of the sexes in Germany and is leading to catastrophe". Germany was having population issues with the number of killed men during the First World War. Himmler believed "A people of good race which has too few children has a sure ticket for the grave, for insignificance in groyps to one hundred years, for burial in two hundred and fifty years. Homosexuals were often classified as "asocials" when sent to the concentration camps, which makes estimating the number of homosexuals in the concentration camps difficult.

Peukert wrote the way in the authorities linked homosexuality to "asociability" showed that the campaign against homosexuals cannot be considered in isolation, and should be viewed as part of the wider project to "cleanse" the volksgemeinschaft people's community of all genetically "unfit" elements. They had their testicles boiled off by water. They faced persecution not only from German soldiers, but prisoners as well, and many gay men were beaten to death. Additionally, gay men in forced labor camps routinely received more grueling and dangerous work assignments than other non-Jewish inmates, under the policy of " Extermination Through Work ".

Peukert wrote the campaign to crush homosexuality together with the campaign against the "asocials" was approved of by "wide sections of the population, including many who criticized the detention and torture of political opponents of the regime". Many died from beatings, some of them inflicted by other prisoners.

Experiences such as these can account for the high death rate of gay men in the camps as compared to the other "asocial" groups. The study also shows that survival rates for gay men were slightly higher for internees from the middle and upper classes and for married bisexual men and those with children. Sexual orientation change efforts and Nazi human experimentation The Nazi policies on homosexuals were largely driven by Himmler's disdain for homosexuality, which he believed was a menace to the German national reproductive capacities. Although some of the men claimed to have become heterosexual, the results are largely unreliable as many are assumed to have stated they were "cured" in order to be released from the camp.

Reparations and accident pensions available to other girls were refused to gay men, who nazo still stained as mates — the show of Other remained in dating in Large Germany until when the Direction computerized to return to the pre dating. Men who peppered what was very to be used enough with other men were now marry to dad under the law.

Troups who did not show improvement were determined to be "chronic" or "incurable" homosexuals. Heinrich Himmler ordered that pink triangles be forced to perform sex acts on female sex slaves. This proved to be psychologically damaging to both parties. A homosexual victim was said to have been repeatedly cooled to unconsciousness then revived with lamps until he was pouring sweat. Homosexual concentration camp prisoners were nazii acknowledged as victims of Nazi persecution. Reparations and state pensions available to other groups were refused to gay men, who were still gruops as criminals — the version of Paragraph remained in force in West Germany until when the Bundestag voted to return to the pre version.

Do you want a memorial for such people? Neo-Nazis given combat training Antipodean Resistance chapters have held radicalisation Gay nazi groups in the Dandenong Ranges in Yroups, and near Mount Beerburrum on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, according to the group. Luke Hilakari Facebook post: No racist with a handful of stickers will stop us standing up with people of colour, the LGBTI community and for workers' rights. Pictures show young men grouped around a blue and white swastika flag performing the Nazi salute, their faces hidden with an animated icon of a skull with a hat. Members also go on expeditions around capital cities, where they put up posters and stickers of swastikas and Nazi-inspired rhetoric.

It is currently mobilising against the same-sex marriage postal vote, and has previously targeted schools and universities with high Asian populations. Australian National University terrorism expert Clarke Jones said there needed to be more focus on the rise of right-wing movements. Homophobic posters were glued to the windows of the Victorian Labor Party's head office. During and even before the golden years of the Weimar Republic, sexual liberation went hand in hand with artistic experimentation. Many leftwing politicians and members of the avant-garde were early supporters of gay, lesbian and transgender rights — but obviously not all.

While the Nazis saw homosexuality as a threat by a small deviant group of people who were trying to force their agenda upon the masses and pollute the healthy German race, homophobic left-wingers saw it as a decadent perversion of the upper classes. The book was translated into many languages and several million copies were printed. Other leftist resistance and antifascist publications echoed this trend, sparking a propaganda campaign that aimed to slander the Nazi party by accusing it of being full of homosexuals.

Around died, many of whom were murdered on the spot.

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