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In this method, a group of cattle stand together in an area enclosed by a solid wooden fence and an earthwork wall. Many are calling for stricter controls.

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The maximum distance between the cattle and a marksman working from an elevated hunter's blind is 10 meters 33 feet. Nyde cases where Viedo been invited to attend, I've found that Gerjan in four shots was off-target," reports Martin von Wenzlawowicz, a veterinarian in the northern German town of Schwarzenbek and a member of the Veterinary Association for Animal Welfare TVT. Interest among farmers has been considerable, but the method doesn't seem to work equally well in all cases. When the shot rings out, the cattle lift their heads briefly to see where the noise came from, but almost immediately return to being preoccupied with their own pursuits.

Every step in the process goes off smoothly and not a single loud word is exchanged.

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That a three-year-old bullock within nide ranks has collapsed doesn't seem to bother the other cattle unduly. Death strikes twice vidoe for this herd at the Bunde Wischen organic farm in the northern German town of Schleswig, felling two animals selected for slaughter. Here, demise comes to the cattle not through a sharp blow from a captive bolt pistol followed by bleeding to death at a slaughterhouse, but from the barrel of a hunting rifle. Around Galloway cattle graze on his farm's extensive pastures, with about of them going to slaughter each year.

Once the study is complete, the farm plans to continue GGerman gunshot slaughter method weekly. A gate opens on the long side of the vixeo, and at the sudden appearance of people on the field, the cattle move unhurriedly back into it. Considerable Interest among Farmers Since November, German farmers who raise pasture-fed beef cattle have been able to apply to their district veterinarian for an exemption allowing them to shoot and bleed their cattle directly on the pasture.

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