Girl orgasm 101

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Female Orgasm 101:

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Some well-meaning, eager to please men will go right for the clitoris and apply intense, direct pressure, even pushing back the skin on the mons pubis to better expose the clitoris. Love the enthusiasm boys, but for many women this much direct stimulation is too intense. For many men, direct stimulation concentrated on the head of the penis can also become too intense. Other ways to avoid over-stimulating the clitoris is to limit your use of a pointed tongue or the tips of your fingers. Instead opt for a flat tongue or several fingers together in order to disperse the pressure throughout a wider area.

No Need for Spread Eagle You know that sexy move you do that spreads her legs wide? At least not if you want her to be able to orgasm.

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This is another reason why many positions for intercourse are not ideal for female orgasm. Having orgadm lie flat on her back with a pillow under her lower back is really ideal for the relaxation and blood flow needed for orgasm. Particularly loud static often consists of stress, and insecurities. Ask your partner to try moving in circles instead of strokes, grinding instead of thrusting. Entering from the rear will allow manual stimulation. Some women find climactic success with the reverse cowgirl or good old missionary position.

Try coital alignment technique, a variation of the missionary position that maximizes clitoral stimulation. Many women find this position to be more orgasmic. A healthy sex life is not just about the Big O. See your doctor or heath professional. You may have a medical issue.

There are also over-the-counter creams designed to increase blood flow to your vulva, clitoris, vagina and everything in between. This term includes everything from lack of sexual desire to vaginal dryness. Of course there are people with mental and physical arousal blocks. However, many women who refer to FSD are talking about the fact that they can have a clitoral but not vaginal orgasm. Seventy percent of women can only have clitoral orgasms and the claim is that 40 percent of women experience some sort of sexual dysfunction. Waning libido is not a curse that you are doomed to live with for the rest of your life.

There are many different reasons you may feel this way. You could be unhappy with your partner or stressed. Your lowered sex drive can 1011 be the result of unexpressed feelings like anger, bitterness or shame. Some women can climax when their breasts are touched or when their necks are rubbed. Other lucky gals get there by fantasizing — without any touch at all. Be adventurous when exploring sexual terrain. You never know what will send you over the edge. Trust us; he wants to know. Especially if what gets you off bears no resemblance to what he thinks is working.

101 Girl orgasm

Orgazm that leaves you, well, faking it. Give soft and sultry directions, Berman says. So if penetration doesn't quite do it, not to worry. Reach down and give yourself a helping hand during sex. Full speed ahead with foreplay Share this tidbit with your guy: Men can go from zero to orgasm in seven minutes, but women take as long as 20 to get warmed up. Redefine foreplay, Berman suggests. Let your hubby put the kids to bed while you unwind with a bath and candles.

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