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She made an unexpected. Lucy turned her unhappy and had.

To wit, her ass was huge. As Stella hurried towards her, Bloom could see her massive rear swaying behind her. Gyrtaing skirt was stretched over her rump gtrating, barely containing her large butt cheeks. Stella managed to carry such a huge butt on her widened hips, like her lower body was replaced by a humongous pear. Stella made it over to her friend, and Bloom took in her booty in full form. Each ass cheek was the size of a beach ball, bouncing and swaying with each step.

Her marital backside lifted and intimacy with each guest, shaking a like a member blame of friday laid into a plea catalog. Her ass was still stained.

Her skirt, several times larger, was pulled tight over her behind, locking her butt in place, but still letting it wobble. Bloom stared slack jawed as the princess wrapped her arms around Bloom gtrating a gyraging hug. You have no idea how much me and the girls missed you. She gave Bloom a cheeky grin. She smiled and grabbed Bloom's hands. She quickly pulled the hands behind her and made Bloom grab two handfuls of her bountiful booty. You can say it. It's not like I don't realize my ass is the size of a bus. Then she remembered she was still groping Stella's bum and removed her hands.

Used an a spell meant to automatically inflate balloons and focused it on as butt. Over the past year, Bloom had seen plenty of strange magic, but this took the cake. I don't get it, Stell. You were always freaking out about gaining half a pound.

Now you're bragging about having a huge ass? Her massive rear jut out in Bloom's face; the redhead had to back up before she was hit in the ads. For something so big, it swayed around like it was weightless. No sagging, no dragging, Stella's butt moved around like any other muscle. You get a sweet, gyratingg booty and lots of love from everyone. I'm back for less than a minute and the weirdness already begins. But", Bloom smiled, "If you like it, then everything's fine. She reared back and bumped Bloom with her hip, knocking the fairy back a few steps.

I still have figure to maintain. Better to just give in. McGarden was on her way to her dorm in Fairy Hills when she plowed into her blonde friend's leather clad bubble butt. After she got of the shock of Lucy's body gyrating in skin tight clothing, Lucy convinced her to join her at her home for dinner. But before the girls could eat, Lucy produced a jiggle butt uniform, conveniently in Levy's size. A comical fight pile of smoke ensued, and once it was over, the solid script mage was covered neck down in the perverted clothing. Why are you making me wear this perverted thing!

Ass Her gyrating

Erza and the others went on a picnic and came wearing these stupid things! Then they said that the whole guild would have to wear them, to 'cement the bonds of friendship' or whatever! Trust me, it's better than Erza doing it. Levy let out a groan and turned to her friend. She noticed something… off about the spirit mage and had to question her. She'd hadn't realized it, but she was bent forward and had her plump behind pointed toward Levy, shaking her huge rear end back and forth. The bluenette stared as she watched her friend bounce her butt around in a pendulum.

I can't help it! Lucy turned her head and gasped. Her ass was still moving. From where she was standing, she had her back to the mirror, letting the mage catch her image. Levy blushed when she saw her reflection. She knew that unlike ninety percent of the Fairy Tail women, her bust was small, thus making her bottom half seem larger.

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