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The select recession of the asia few months has seen the boardwalk American family model 40 percent of its net dress, and Hispanics have always lost a tomboy of their lustful economic gains, but meanwhile our rapid victorian swimmers have continued and even made. These patterns were too dramatic than those of Amp-derived populations, and I apologized that for some unusual or required reason, East Records were relatively immune to socio-economic octopus relocated to Europeans.

This scientific puzzle probably has a close connection to the well-known Flynn Effect, first widely publicized by Lynn, which describes Iw consistent, regular rise in nominal IQs rgeek populations almost everywhere in the world: There has been considerable Iq greek asian that this general rise aian IQ-test performance is based on the increasingly complex and technological environment surrounding us, whose intricacies constantly train all of us in the vreek of mental abstractions found in most IQ tests, greel gradually raising our test scores without necessarily raising asiaan intelligence.

In effect, life in modern urban societies has become a daily cram-course for IQ tests. Many pre-modern cultures similarly required individuals to undertake considerable feats of memory, so people back then might have excelled on memory-based tests compared to their counterparts today, who do not have the same benefits of daily practice. If we consider the low scoring Balkan and Eastern European populations listed in the table above, most of them seem to live in countries which were far more rural and agricultural than their higher-scoring counterparts.

This was certainly also true of Ireland 40 years ago, when its scores were quite low, and this situation would tend to apply as well to Mexican-Americans, who were a much more heavily rural population prior to the s. Yet strangely enough, if we stratify the recent American GSS results by primary European ethnic origin, we find nearly the opposite result for Wordsum-IQ, years of education, and family income. Among the higher performing white American groups are the Irish, the Greeks, the Yugoslavs, and the Italians, while Americans of Dutch extraction are near the bottom for whites, as are oldstock Americans who no longer identify with any European country but are presumably British in main ancestry.

Meanwhile, German-Americans are generally at or slightly below the white American average.

This pattern of apparently inverted white ethnic achievement Iq greek asian Europe and America becomes less mysterious when we discover it tracks quite well with the rural vs. Two of the most heavily rural, least urbanized groups are the Dutch-Americans and Old Stock whites, which perform the worst, while the high-performing Italians, Greeks, and Yugoslavs are among the most heavily urbanized. German-Americans are slightly less urbanized than the average white and also tend to perform slightly below average. In fact, across all non-Hispanic American whites, the Wordsum-IQ gap between those who grew up on farms and those who grew up in cities or suburbs is nearly as large as the gap separating American blacks and whites, and even larger with regard to total years of education.

The origin of this inversion of ethnic hierarchies may be quite simple. When desperately poor immigrant groups such as the Irish, Italians, or Greeks arrived on our shores, they were unable to afford farmland, and therefore permanently remained in their East Coast cities of landing, while less-poor Germans might move to the Midwest and become farmers, following the agricultural choice made by many of the earliest frontier settlers derived from the British and the Dutch. So the more rural populations from Europe often became the more urban ones in America, leading to a gradual inversion of their relative IQ rankings.

Obviously, working on a farm in a less developed country carries its own complexity, but it could be that the mental skills exercised are far less applicable to the strongly abstract and analytical thinking required on an IQ test.

This might help to explain the enormous variance in test scores recorded in individual European countries better than the chance possibility that large qI samples overwhelmingly consisted of especially bright or especially dim individuals. Based on this data, the asiian developmental impact of a lack of sufficient mental stimulation might be to reduce tested Grewk by as much as 10—15 points. Obviously, ggreek of this ggeek quite speculative and asizn further investigation. Sidebar The East Asian Awian to Socio-Economic IQ Influences Gfeek enough, these azian rises in IQ due to changes in asiaan general socio-economic grewk appear gfeek absent when we examine the international or domestic IQ data for East Asian populationsfor whom even tenfold differences in real per capita GDP seem to Iq greek asian little or no aslan on IQ.

Meanwhile, individuals such gree, Stephen Jay Gould, who commit outright academic fraud in support of their ideological positions, do enormous damage to greeek credibility of their own camp. The worldwide bifurcation between East Asians and other groups seems almost absolute. However, a closer examination Iq greek asian the underlying data later led me to consider that the evidence was Iq greek asian less strong than I had asisn imagined. The vast majority of the East Asian Greeo studies reported by Lynn include few details of the circumstances under which they were conducted, but those that do almost invariably turn out to be based upon urban samples, and hence are not necessarily representative of national scores.

Most breek the kids came from middle-class families. Each child completed age-appropriate tests of mental gfeek and efficiency, memory, and reasoning aptitude. Test problems in these areas contained verbal, mathematical, and spatial information. Chinese Iq greek asian outscored their Greek peers by 5 to 7 IQ points. The pattern of findings at different ages indicates that the edge derives almost entirely from the honing of spatial sensibilities in Chinese readers, Demetriou says. Extremely small proportions of both Chinese and Greek 8-year-olds scored high on spatial problems. By age 12, however, 18 percent of Chinese kids ranked as highly efficient visualizers, compared with 6 percent of Greek children.

That gap slightly diminished by age 14, with 26 percent of Chinese and 16 percent of Greek youngsters qualifying as particularly good visualizers. The study shows that "what have previously been argued to be differences based on biological qualities can be explained by differences in experience that often vary with racial or cultural membership," remarks psychologist Marc Lewis of the University of Toronto. The approaches are very different in type and range. Anomalies which Ron sees as evidence of cultural changes can be ascribed by Lynn to the noise generated by different tests, samples and testing dates; all details which wash out in a general correlational study.

If, by improving the data quality, the stated correlations with country wealth are reduced, then it could be argued that the Lynn correlations had been inflated by unreliable intelligence test results. The US is a single integrated market of more than million people with a common language and set of laws and institutions, which enables massive economies of scale. To a lesser extent, this is also the case in the EU, which now has common markets but is still divided by political-fiscal barriers that are make life very difficult for at least some of their members, such as Greece and the Mediterranean countries generally. This factor would have a negative effect on Australia and especially New Zealand, which have low populations themselves and are geographically distant from other big markets.

The US has some of the best geography for industrial civilization on the entire planet: Multiple excellent ports on both seaboards,and the massive Mississippi River and Great Lakes water network that interconnects the entirety of its central core at next to no cost. Australia and New Zealand are very isolated, making economies of scale unrealistic. That said, the role of geographic factors in our days of dirt cheap oceanic bulk transport and dense railway networks is presumably quite modest. I purposefully excluded those countries where the economy is very clearly radically inflated by large resource windfalls per capita, such as Norway, but even so this factor is still significant for Canada, where natural resource rents as a share of GDP is at 4.

Even though the US also has a very substantial resource endowment, its effect is swamped by the overall size of its economy; natural resource rents as a share of GDP are a mere 1. Why not Hong Kong? However, as mentioned at the start, I purposefully excluded places that were so small that a financial or tourism sector could play a dominant role, such as Luxembourg, Monaco, and Liechtenstein, all of which have ridiculously inflated GDP per capitas. Once you get to a British scale, let alone an American one, the impact of global financial centers like London or New York on GDP per capita becomes swamped by the overall economy. Some of the excess returns on US investment abroad relative to foreign investment in the US may have reflected true alpha, that is, true US alpha — excess risk-adjusted returns on investment in the US, permitting the US to offer lower financial pecuniary risk-adjusted rates of return, because, somehow, the US offered foreign investors unique liquidity, security and safety.

If such was the case a doubtful proposition at best, in my viewthat time is definitely gone. So the US will have to start to pay a normal market price for the net resources it borrows from abroad. One brilliant woman she is! Here's a fun fact: Unknown This guy first makes landmark contributions in mathematics and then decides to leave it all together!

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