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These numbers indicate the increasing demand in the market to get rid of tsrips. Biomedical Inc constitute this category. However, these gel pads restrict the Johnskn of the consumer and thus are less preferred by the consumers. There is a growing demand for cost effective alternative to surgical treatment of scars. These products in this market range from topical gels to self-adhesive polyurethane bandages. However, this number does not include Wal-Mart share of the sales to this market.

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Benjamin Bleasdale, PhD Scope and Significance Silicone gel sheeting SGS has been used in scar therapy for over 30 years, during which its efficacy has been the subject of numerous clinical evaluations. These disposable self-adhesives allow air to pass healung and thus minimize the whitening of skin. Scar management, a relatively obscure and low priority arena in the past is quickly catching the attention of the medical professionals. Silicone and polyurethane based pads represent a technological breakthrough in scar management. Cica Care and Band Aid Scar Healing Strips are the outcome of efforts to add ease of use to the earlier sheet based silicone products. The statistics show that out of 6.

ReJuveness silicone sheet by ReJuveness Inc is another latex free product available in this category of the market.

Healing strips Johnson johnson scar

However, there still remains the need sxar further clinical evidence and a better understanding of the mechanism behind the benefit of silicone gel for use in the prevention of abnormal scarring. The competition in this market is further warming up with new players and products entering the market. The visibility of scar depends on many factors including type of wound itself, genetics, hormone levels, presence of infection, and race. The product has been relative more successful than its counterparts.

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