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Kagome woodcarvers up and movies her emotions and times. Sangp had out of it's cuddled grip as the classroom binary to get back up on its origins and one glance.

Not only was that disgusting ogre hurting Sango, her Sango, but it had interrupted a beautifully erotic moment with her woman. Her woman… Sounded like something InuYasha would say. Drawing up her courage, Kagome swam forward to the towering oni, slamming her hand on its tree-trunk leg and focusing, trying to reach deep down and ignite her spiritual powers. A bright pink light suddenly glowed from Kagome's palm, and spread across the oni's leg, shattering it. The beast roared as it wobbled on it's remaining limb, the blood from it's stump thankfully spurting onto the ground, rather than the water, and then toppled down onto the shore. It crashed heavily against a tree, knocking it over. Sango flew out of it's loosened grip as the monster tried to get back up on its hands and one knee.

Kagome quickly darted through the pond and ran over to where Sango was breathing heavily on the ground. Throwing her naked body in front of her lover's, she once again tried to draw on her powers. The hanyou roared as he ran through the ogre, tearing it to shreds with his steel claws.

The blood he had smelt eango he had wjth through the trees, Sango's blood, had flooded his head with anger, guaranteeing the oni's death in advance. She winced at the pain that shot through her leg when she tried to rise. Right in front of him, not just a nude Kagome, but a nude Kagome touching a nude Sango. Wait, he thought, Sango was hurt, how could he think of her like that at a time like this? Why didn't I have a say in this? Well, if you're sure…" InuYasha squatted down and looked Sango over, trying not to enjoy the sight as he tilted his neck in different directions, trying to figure out what the best way to lift her was.

Kagome and Sango stretch as they met the Ache of more in my clits. Inuyasha traps at her "about layout you get back".

He put one naker on nakked back, careful to avoid her old scar, and wuth other on her bare behind. He dango look Sango in the eyes as he pressed her wet, lithe form to him. Sango knew that Kagome was right there, grinning slightly at the two of them, but she decided not to look back at the wth, and so, feigning exhaustion, sighed and pressed her head sanvo the hanyou's chest. Wow, she does smell good, he thought as he headed back to village, making sure that his Kagime didn't disturb snago wound. At the same time, his nose couldn't help but pick up on something familiar.

Now that I think about it, she smells like she did yesterday Nked briefly glanced back at Kagome, sniffing slightly. His eyes radiated fascination as he came to a realization. Sango has Kagome's scent on her, and before this happened, they were together in water The slayer blushed as she looked at the village. They're probably in their huts cause they don't know all the oni are gone. InuYasha bent down and placed her on the futon. Sango grew confused as she watched Kagome's face show the greatest surprise a person could show. She could see them start to argue about who should tell her what the idea was.

Someone tell me," she said. Kagome smacked InuYasha lightly on the arm, and he slowly turned to Sango, clearing his throat. Did he really just say putting his sperm on her skin would heal her? Kagome put a reassuring hand on his shoulder and took on a gentle tone. And I want your wound to heal too, so I don't mind his suggestion, if it will help you. She grinned when she felt no resistance on her mate's part when she removed his hakama. But, to both her surprise and Sango's, when his pants his the floor, the massive hanyou cock that she had seen and felt the night before was limp.

He turned away in embarrassment. It should be for her too, she told herself, but she just didn't seem to mind sharing with Sango. Her eyes scanned the half-clothed hanyou, particularly the unclothed half. He was still rather limp from the awkwardness of the situation. But…if she didn't do something soon to perhaps fix that, not only would her wound remain open something that wasn't bothering her so much right nowbut she might never get another chance to be this close, alone, with the hanyou she had been wanting for some time now. InuYasha felt something start up in his head when the slayer held out her arm and softly beckoned for him to approach her.

I can't do that, she's wounded!

He told his boiling youkai Kagome naked with sango. She is ripe, and willing. She is not willing! Sango could see InuYasha struggling with something. This must be one of those times her argued with his inner youkai that Kagome had told her about. But, was he arguing about her? He paused and stared at her. Swallowing to regain her voice, and trying to sound as sensual as possible, she motioned once again for him to approach her. He approached the nude Sango; her body had dried, but her dark hair was still wet, several large strands of it cascading down her shoulders, covering her firm, luscious breasts. The lessening of the tension he felt began to have an effect on his cock, which was now stiffening slightly before the woman's eyes.

Walking over to her slowly, InuYasha let out a surprised groan when Sango reached her hand out and closed her palm around his cock. It wasn't long at all before he felt his lust for the shapely woman take over, making him grow to his full length and width within her hand. Of course, Sango had never seen a youkai's tool, and her eyes widened in pleasurable surprise as she realized that she could no longer reach her whole hand around his cock. This surge was followed by another surge lower down as Sango's hand started moving up and down on him, tantalizingly slow.

Gods, he thought, such a soft hand, surprising considering her profession. He felt it pick up the pace a bit as it moved back and forth, and suddenly felt his hips give an involuntary jerk into her stroking palm. Gathering up her courage, she leaned forward and gave the mushroom head a tiny lick along the slit. The groan that came from the hanyou above her was better than any sound she could have hoped for. It was almost as if she was trying to mix around the seed that would soon be used to heal her wound…along with other purposes maybe. Sango smirked when InuYasha placed his hand on her head, encouraging her to continue her sucking. InuYasha nodded and let his hormones sweep him away as Sango pumped his thick cock in her hand, fiercely licking his scrotum.

He could feel his tension build up as he prepared for release. The woman removed her head from his balls and lay back, exposing her bare thigh to him. The hanyou took his shaft in his hand and bent down, squatting over the wound. His grunts came fast and hard as he shot his load over Sango's leg, most of it landing on the wound, but also on her firm hips and stomach. Once again, the slayer surprised him, scooping up some of his seed from her stomach and sliding her fingers into her mouth. The semen was slowly sealing up the cut in her thigh, making her skin good as new. Looking at the hanyou's darkening eyes, she realized her lust was not going unrequited.

And I'm gonna give it to you. Her eyes drank him in, her lust growing at the sight of his firm body. He growled again, "Now, lie back. Both InuYasha and his inner youkai were then caught completely offguard when Sango placed her hand on his chest and pushed him onto his own back. He braced himself on his elbows for support. And I hope you do too, InuYasha. Both of them let out a heated cry as he filled her with his throbbing meat, connecting them. Sango panted softly, not having expected to be stretched this much, and placed her hands on his sturdy chest, beginning to slowly rock back and forth to get accommodated to his girth. She pulls out a small vibrator. Kagome hands it to Sango.

Sango wiggles it around "What's it do? Sango looks at Kagome "What does Horny mean? Sango still in her battle suit agrees. Immediately Kagome jumps on top of Sango and kisses her. Sango pushes Kagome off of her "What are you doing" Kagome smirks "I told you I have to show you this I part of it" Sango lets herself lay down again and Kagome comes back on top of her and kisses her. This time Sango kisses back. Kagome pulls off of Sango. Sango moans a little and doesn't do anything to stop her. Kagome moves one of her hands down between Sango's legs. She rubs the center with her fingers. Sango jumps with excitement. Kagome laughs getting horny herself. Sango is blushing and breathing deeply with this newfound pleasure.

Kagome moves up to Sango and tries pulling off her suit. She finds the zipper right above Sango's butt. Kagome starts to unzip it revealing Sango's bear cheeks. Kagome looks at it "This zipper goes down instead of up. Sango you aren't wearing any panties. She unzips a little more. The zipper now goes between her legs. Sango starts feeling exposed with her friend touching an area not even she has explored. Kagome keeps the zipper moving up to her frontal waist. Sango feels the cold of the air touching her exposed skin. She heres a giggle "Sango you have such a cute pussy. Its even got some hair. Kagome gently strokes it. Kagome takes the zipper up to her breasts and slowly zips up the bump on her chest.

She zips it up to the neck so now it can come off at will. Sango's stands there her pussy showing and halfway exposed breasts.

Sango Kagome naked with

Kagome rubs where she sees the skin. She peels the sweaty black layer around one of Sango's breasts off. She fondles with one nipple while the other stays hidden for now. Sang Nwked and giggles at the feeling she is getting. Kagome pulls the other side off and slips the suit down to the ground. Sango blushes as her body is fully exposed to the air. Kagome gets on top withh Sango again and kisses her deeply. Sango starts fingering herself. Kagome pulls her hand out and licks it off "Not yet". Sango feels really horny. Kagome sagno really horny too. She takes Sango's toy and slides it into her. Sango cries with pleasure and Pain.

She grabs hold of Kagomes large breast and squeezes out of agony. This makes Kagome even hornier. She unbuttons her schoolgirl top and throws it to the side. She undoes her bra and throws it off as well. Sango starts cumming on herself. Kagome gets up and removes her shoes and panties. Leaving just her skirt. Sango is lying on the ground still shaking. Kagome sits on top of her rubbing her exposed clit onto Sango. Sango doesn't notice because of all the feeling going through her. Sango's arms reach up and grab Kagome's breasts. Kagome gets horny and moves her clit to Sango and puts it in her mouth. Sango licks it as a reaction. Kagome moans in pleasure. Sango continues licking making Kagome Cum.

Kagome gets off Sango and pulls the Vibrator out. Kagome snaps "Listen to yourself you horny little lover" Kagome lays down and licks Sango's clit. Sango moans and cries in so much pleasure. This makes her so horny she holds onto Kagomes head keeping her there licking. Sango Cums in Kagome's mouth. Kagome eats it up and gets the vibrator. She sticks part of it in Sango turns it on. Sango starts Moaning and already starts cumming. Kagome puts the other half inside her clit and turns it on High. Kagome and Sango Moan and Cry pushing their pussys together.

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