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How To Go Down on Her And Have Her Begging You For More

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This position works best for longer cocks. This is closely related to position 12b, described next. If not, the very Kiss lick it up sucks position 12c may work better. Koss is wonderful for men with small cocks, eucks sometimes preferred by men with large cocks. With a large cock in this position, it can be really tough lik the cocksucker. Having said that, this is a position I really do love, but only encourage men with small to medium sized cocks suckss mount me in that manner. It is also a llck position for t-bagging. There is shcks issue with this position. The sucker is very much at the mercy of the man he is sucking. In order to blow the man on top, he often needs to lean forward, almost in 69 position.

Llick is a very good if for t-bagging. It is also a favorite of men who enjoy forcible rimming. It would seem that the four 12 positions are very risky and should be avoided. On the contrary, I really like all of these positions, but it is critical to really know the man you are blowing! In all of these positions you are giving up control, so make sure you give up control to a man you really trust! I have blown many men I did not know well, and typically use the kneeling positions for them, but when I know and trust a man, any of the 12 positions have been great! The man on the top will often have his knees on either side of the bottom man.

If you use this position, make sure you are able to finish the job, should you cum first. The man being blown comes slips into the mouth and enters. This is a good position for blowing men with big cocks, even if you cannot deep throat. I am told that this position is also very good for deep-throating, as the entry is a straight path and the throat is more open. It is often best for the cocksucker to slide down in the chair a bit to adjust to the position of the cock. Like position 11, it lends itself well to approaches from either side. Car sucks can be very cramped in small vehicles, and nearly impossible for vehicles with large consoles. You may have to do a little experimenting to find what works best.

In general, car sucks are best with guys who cum quickly.

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This positions is similar Kis the 1 kneeling position, except both are standing. One of my regulars has a flatbed trailer parked in his back yard. Another sensitive Kkss of the neck is the front left or right side. But almost any part of the neck is sensitive and susceptible to your kisses. Use your body as you kiss your partner's neck. Don't just stand apart from your partner and lean in to kiss her neck. Instead, wrap your arms around her if you're facing her, or wrap your arms around her from behind if you're kissing her from behind. First, wet your lips with your tongue just enough so that they're soft.

Then, gently kiss any part of your partner's neck with a closed mouth, as if you were giving your partner a close-mouthed kiss on the lips. You can start by kissing the area where your partner's neck meets her shoulders or collarbone, resting your lips on the curved groove. Slowly open your mouth in between kisses, and begin to kiss your partner's neck with an open mouth, separating your lips as you gently kiss her skin.

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Licking and Sucking Run your tongue slowly from the bottom of the vagina to the top, repeating a few times. Part the lips, and then slowly tease your tongue around the opening of the vagina. Appreciate the taste of her juices, and let her know. Women are sensitive about the scent and taste of the vagina, and this can complicate an orgasm. Lick the inside of the labia, moving upwards to the hood above the clit. Do not touch the clit just yet. It is very sensitive, so wait till it swells and peeks from the hood. Take the labia into your mouth, and suck them gently. Use the down to up motion, moving your tongue from the bottom of the vagina to the base of the clit.

Use the tip of the tongue to create a tingling, teasing sensation. This will arouse her, until she lifts her hips into your face for more. Lick the Clitoris This is a NO! The clit is very sensitive, though this varies from one woman to another. You can tell how sensitive she is from her reaction. If she presses against you, it means she wants you to suck harder and faster. If she moves back, the clit is too sensitive and requires gentle licking. For sensitive clits, do not touch the tip. Lick and suck the fold of skin around it instead. Take it into your mouth and suck while gently licking with your tongue. It takes a while to get used to this double action, but it is easy once you figure it out.

Keep your jaw relaxed, otherwise you will cramp and give up. Start slow, building up speed as she gets more aroused. For clits that are less sensitive, part the fold of skin to expose the tip. Lick it gently until she presses against you. This means she wants more. Lick harder, and increase your speed.

Sycks not go too fast, or you will tire long before she climaxes. The trick is to use a rhythm you can sustain for a while. It is better to eat vagina by either licking or sucking, to avoid breaking your rhythm. Go and dive into her mound. Nuzzle and glide your lips around as if you're tickling her. Gently blow the area and tease her. Now using a wide tongue or a semi-pointed tongue lick her outer lips up and down, mostly up.

Here, you can also move your tongue rapidly from side to side while licking up and down. French kiss her lips! Suck them like pu nipple! You can even nibble her labia gently with your lips to give her extra pleasure. Switch between licks, nibbles and sucks. Play around with them! Time for you to go to her vagina. Here, the most sensitive part is near the opening; so, start licking around the vaginal opening.

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