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To gallsries, fed is best. If they needed more, my body produced more," this mom posted to Instagram. In your favorite armchair, at a restaurant, on a park bench, even, in the case of this mama, on a swan float in your backyard pool.

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Baby Maya was diagnosed with a severe tongue and lip tie that made latching difficult, but thanks to an operation, Maya became able to breastfeed—a "massive accomplishment" for both mom and baby. I am certain that we Indian mothers can regain our lost confidence in breastfeeding by prioritising our babies above everything else. Then she had her baby Lilly, and everything changed. Shonni had just learned that she was carrying her second child and she wanted to nurse her.

Galleries Lactating teen

Luckily there is a great Lactatjng of mums online supporting mums who choose to breastfeed exclusively. Thank you to all of the Black lactation consultants out there! While the breastfeeding pictures in it are decidedly ethereal, this one—recently shared on Instagram —is simple and real, and just as lovely. In fact, she has a book called Breastfeeding Goddesses. Yet when the first-time mom went to nurse her baby while out to dinner with her parents, her father grabbed a cloth and shoved it at her, telling her to cover up. Would you rather hide or let your baby cry?

Here, Tess Holliday does it with zero apologies. She writes about her struggle to nurse both at the same time. Whatever your feeding routine consists of, it is hard being a mother, so let's show support for each other!

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